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Hello, I am in urgent need for a Xilinx JTAG USB download cable for Virtex 5 FPGA. If anyone in Cairo, egypt has one I can rent it for only one week. Or if anyone knows a supplier in egypt?? Thanks, Salma
Job title: Senior Hardware Engineer Job description: You are responsible for developing a solution for Veloce Softmodel Memories and verifying it on Veloce Emulator Qualification & Experience: B.Sc. in Electronic or Computer Engineering with Very Good with honors at least *Minimum 3 years experience* Ex
I am a private VERILOG/VHDL/SYSTEMVERILOG/FPGA instructor, PhD holder, for undergraduate/postgraduate students. Those who are interest, please contact me via email:
Dear All, Where can I buy 74147 or 74148 Priority encoder in egypt ? Thanks in advance.
Hello, I have a code written for 8051 and build using keil c51 compiler. But i want to create a graphical static call graph for this project. How do i do this? When i did a google search, i got the tool egypt which makes use of gcc and graphviz to create call graph. Basically i need to compile this code using gcc for creating call graph. I dont th
Dear all, I'd like to know if there is any center in egypt that gives training courses / certificates in digital design and embedded systems ? There are many online graduate certificate degrees in embedded system engineering but of course more expensive (like University of California - Irvine). But I don't know about the Lab part and hands-on
dear all i want to know how much it costs the following prototype PCB , count one PCB i need to know the cost for the double & the single including cnc-drilling-green mask nothing else including also shipment to cairo - egypt thanks all
Hello, I want to start new business in egypt, Does anyone have any suggestion on the best electronics related project to start with? I mean something with medium budget and good expected profit.
hi everyone i need to buy a UMTS Module for my graduation project and i don't know where i can find it in (egypt).Anyone can help me i am waiting for his reply. thanks in advance.
Hi all, Does anyone have any information about salaries at Si-Vision egypt ? or any other company working in the electronics and design field ?
SA ; I'm a student in third year , computer engineering department , cairo university and I'm very interested in the field of Digital VLSI design. and I'm searching for an internship for this summer. anybody can provide me with the names of companies that are searching for interns in Digital VLSI design ?? thanks in advance and waiting f
Hi, Embedded C Programming and the Atmel AVR Richard H. Barnett, Sarah A. Cox, Larry D. O'Cull this link also i want to buy this book from egypt ?? can any one help me. thanks in advance.
there are many papers about DRA reflectarray started by Prof.Antar,2000 and followed by new papers from 2009 URSI egypt and you can get them from IEEE
There will be an OPNET course in National Telecommunication Institute in egypt NTI Starting from 19/2/2012 for five days Hope this helps
anyone can help me with any information concerning IC design engineering career in egypt. what about new companies or IC design centers based in Cairo? what about the requirements needed to be recruited in one of these companies? what about the salary and advantages for the IC designer (fresh graduate and in electronics engineer)?
Hello, Q1. I was wondering where I can find HT640/HT648L(Encoder/Decoder) in Cairo, egypt I searched in Bab El-Louk, (El-Kenghely, RAM, Gamal)? Also, is there an alternative for them, I am using them with AT89C51 microcontroller with RF module Q2. Any alternative for ST-TX01-ASK Transmitter &
check this link the only job is Financial iam not sure about that Jobs at Intel - Job Search you can check also Jobs at Intel - egypt
Hi iam studing electronics & communications 2nd year does any one knows a way to get internship in egypt?
see this DC Motor Speed Control using PWM | Microcontroller Projects Embedded Systems in egypt: DC MOTOR PWM CONTROL :
WAS Ahmed Please post the link to the egyptian Engineers Group.
Responsibilities  Analysis and designs application, as well as development, and documentation.  Measures and tracks project progress and performance.  Ensures the delivery of high quality, documented systems according to established specifications and plans. Qualifications  Bachelor Degree in Computer Scien
Si-ware newportmedia mentor(I think their digital design devision in egypt closed) varkonsemi silminds that's all I can remember for now
Hi guys Where can i take professional embedded diploma in egypt ?? any advice for me ?? thanks in advance. :-P
Hi all I need to export MEMS gyro. and accelerometer from the US to egypt, and I was trying to find the threshold of specifications that will not require an export license. However, I didn't find any source stating explicitly the maximum specs... Could anyone help in that, if you know by experience or point to a document available online, expl
how can i buy it from egypt.................. any one can help me ????? waiting for your responds Yassin El-Shazly Tel: 0177466420
let this be clear and give you some hope that, there are good embedded MNC's tie up in egypt who work on embedded systems.... they are also in need of embedded engineers who can contribute single hand (of course in a team).... I would say most of the work done on embedded side involves work on LINUX platform, so you being
Hi, What is the salary range of a technical support engineer in egypt ? Knowing that I'm a fresh graduate.
Dear all I want to know the image processing training centers in egypt Thanks
hi i need some names of the biggest computer and programing companies in egypt and if anyone know how can i contact them tell me please thanks in advance
Dear all can any one tlod me about image processing or machine vision places in egypt,to applay for ajop.
Are you an individual or a company? We work here in egypt. A special arrangement can be done to conduct it in UAE. We can conduct some stuff online as well.
Hi, I am a fresh graduate, my major is Electronics and Communications Engineering. I am looking for a Job in the field of PCB Design (High Speed). If you know companies in egypt that have vacancies, please let me know. Thanks.
sir, while reading a paper published in IEEE in 2004-- Design of fractal rat race coupler By HANI GHALI AND TAREK MOSELHY Electronics and Communication dept., Ains Shams University, cairo, egypt i am not getting which software they have used IE3D or Ansoft Design and how different ports are please help me. Regards
Dear all, I will be graduating next year ISA, and I've been confused for a long time about the career path I have to pursue. I'm interested in communication systems' design and have academic interests, that's why I am looking forward to working in a design center. But because egypt is an outsourcing country, I think that salaries will not be hi
I am a 2010 fresh graduate electronics engineer, i am looking for a Digital Design or VLSI job, but i need somebody to give me an advice about how to apply and which companies to apply for and i have applied online but it does not seem effective, plz help me with ur experience. Thank u in Advance.
I am PhD student at the electronics research institute (ERI), egypt, working in optical communications. I want to construct an optical lap. Kindly, I would like to ask if you could support me by lest of equipments required for a beginning optical lap and some of setups of simple experiments to be the start point. I already have some equipment suc
Cell phones work on many microwave frequencies, not just a few frequencies. Oh, maybe things are different in egypt.
Hello, I want to establish serial communication between a microcontroller and either Sony Ericsson T280 or Siemens C35, but I can't find the serial cables for any of these phones as they're no longer supported (I can't find them in egypt, any suggestions!) Should the cables be specific to C35 or T280, or is there a generic cable! Any advic
Hello All, There are some vacancies in networks domain in egypt, Kindly find attached description of available vacancies. Please send resumes to the following
Varkon Semiconductors is currently seeking Digital Design engineers to work in design and implementation of digital communications transceivers. Position: Digital design engineer Job description: * Perform logic design, RTL coding, synthesis, RTL and gate level verification, timing analysis, design for test and support for backend verifi
%<%<%< 2/ we need to programming the gsm to be able to receive sms messages if it is PLC error and transmit sms message also to repair that error WOW self repairing PLC (or should I say equipment that can be repaired from the long distance) :D
Dear all, I wanna ask if anybody knows a good training center in egypt, cairo that gives microcontroller programming course using C language (AVR PIC anything) I just wanna learn to program microcontrollers using C. Regards, Mohamed Diaa Automatic Control Systems Master's student Cairo University
hi everybody I'm fresh graduate and I'm searching for a professional training center here in egypt for embedded system any suggestions ????
what does it take to start a new company in fpga and asic I am in Cairo, egypt And if you know if I can get projects from other organizations from egypt or outside egypt And how to get projects
Hi I'm looking for job opportunities in egypt in the field of: *Automatic control (analog/digital control techniques) and signal processing *Electric motors drives and control I'm located in egypt (Cairo). My nationality is egyptian. I'm fresh graduate. My specialization is mechatronics engineer. I was the first of my class at the (...)
Dear All, Greetings. I would like to send my resume to Valeo egypt but I don't know their HR email address or If anyone who is working inside Valeo egypt and can help me, kindly send me the email of your's :D. Thanks A lot, Yahia Salah
Dear all, I am interested in making embedded systems from design to pcb, when it comes to pcb I know a guy who makes it for me but COST is an issue. I want to know pcb factories, stores, or even freelancers here in egypt, Cairo, or near Cairo capable of producing at most A4 size single-side and double-side. Note: Put in mind that I
Hello, I am looking for a summer internship (July/August 2010) in the field of RFIC/ Analog IC/ Mixed-signal/ Embedded systems design, I prefer an internship abroad or an internship at egypt (my home country). Please contact me for my detailed C.V , or visit my website . Thanks,
u are welcome are u from egypt?
I am sorry , I am from egypt but I can help a little try to watch Berkely Webcast it has a lot of courses analog,advanced analog design digital , advanced digital design have fun :) link :