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Hello all, I want to extract cap of a nmos transistor using eldo. Following are the contents of .cir .INCLUDE "minNminP" XMM20 0 dbl 0 0 NHVTLP W=6.0 L=1 NFING=1 NUMBER=1 STYLELAYOUT=0 NGCON=1 Vdbl dbl 0 1 .option nomod .option captab .op .dc *.tran 0 1n .END But I am getting cap value 0 Help me debug this issue Thanks and regards, Roopak
can i calculate power consumption of d flip flop in eldo simulator? and how please explain?
I currently run process corners using custom made batch scripts for eldo. The scripts add the library paths and parameter setup to the start of a .cir file. I then run the all the .cir file varients and extract/sort the results. I have looked at using the .alter command but it seems to not always compute a new operating point for each run. This
Hello- I am having some difficulty in extracting data into a useable form from eldo. For example, I am using the following in my .cmd file: .option aex .option alignext ... .extract FILE=rp.aex w(Rp) It extracts a defined wave called Rp and puts into rp.aex. The problem is with the output format as follows: (...)
Hi I know how I can extract my layout using calibre. My first question is that what should be the format of extracted netlist (calibreview, eldo, Spectre, ....) if I want to do my post layout simulation using spectre? Also I want to know how should I do post layout simulation or how can I make a new schematic or symbol of my circuit (...)
Hello, I am trying to write the sensitivity analysis code in eldo for a flf filter topology. I've tried the following set of dec 100 1 10g .plot V(vop,von) .extract V(vop,von) freq=2.97meg However, I don't seem to get any result. Could you please help me how to write the sensitivity analysi
e.g. settling sett(x,y,tix,limit)= + (xycond(x,(y > (yval(y,tix)*(1.0+limit))) || + (y < slewrate(a)= + ((slope(a,yval(a,0.0)+(max(a)-yval(a,0.0))/3.0)+ + slope(a,yval(a,0.0)+(max(a)-yval(a,0.0))*2.0/3.0))/2.0) .extract $sett(xaxis,v(out),200e-6,0.05)
Hi, I'm using eldo for analog and digital simulation. Mostly, after parasitic extraction. I'll re-simulate my design and that's it. I never done any impedance plotting before. But I'll try to help you. Added after 47 minutes: Hi, I found this article in Mentor's Supportnet. I hope it useful to yo
yeah eldoRF , have SST and MODSST analysis , which are used to calcuate these spec's of LNA khouly
Hello All, I am trying to extract the source-bulk junction capacitance using eldo. The model I have is BSIM3v3 and the confusion is as follows: There are two capacitances between the source and bulk 1. Intrinsic CSB which is due to the bulk charge. 2. Extrinsic CSB which is due to the junction between the source and bulk How do I sepa
Does there exist a command in eldo to measure the propagation delay of a signal? Greetz, E-goe
I don't use HSPICE, but I can tell you how to do that in eldo (not very different). extract the time at which your signal crosses in one direction a given threshold level for the nth time. Call that T_up_n. Then, extract the time at which your signal crosses in one direction a given threshold level for the n+1th time. Call that (...)
Hi, How can I extract samples of a sinusoidal wave at regular time points in eldo? Ex. a sample of a wave at t=1,2,3,4,5.... I tried .extract label=curve yval(,1n) And got one point, but how can I extract the other samples in the same simulation Christian