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emc test are of various types. if you are looking at what is leaking out of a vehicle, then you need a metal shield room to make sure anything you measure on your spectrum analyze is indeed coming from the car. RF susceptibility testing, you often use the same metal chamber to protect the operator from the high electric fields leaking out at them
An application field where you often find liquid cooling is motor inverters for electric cars. I see it also in multiple 100 kW power inverters, but it's not necessarily.
Hello, I am trying to understand what this company ?Integral powertrain? does. I take it that they don?t actually make electric motors and electric drives for cars, but, they make ?add-on? systems, which involve additional electric motors and electric drives, which mean that the main (...)
electric car batteries are very poor. If you hook up to a 50kW charger, then you will only charge at 50kW if you are completely flat?as soon as the battery voltage picks up (which doesn?t take long), the charge rate goes down to a few Kw ?s at best. (it must go down otherwise the battery voltage soars too high) So when will this problem be solve
Let's take as example toyota prius. Very old and relible hybrid car. electric engines working as usual bldc motors during acceleration and in case of breaking voltages first goes to rectifier, than to boost converter and only than to battery. Main engine MG2 has 32kW power and secondary MG1 has 16kW. Based on sun gear they can work in parallel and
We wish to design a electric car battery charger for connection to single phase , 230VAC mains. Therefore the maximum input current that we are allowed to draw is 16 Amps. However, this must be fused. The fuse must be rated 16 Amps or less for use on single phase mains. The maximum input current has to be at least 10% less than the fuse rating to
Hello, The company I work for want to have on-board, mains powered, 3.8kw electric chargers in their electric cars. The spec is 230VAC input, and 300-410VDC output. They only need 6 chargers for 6 cars. The number may rise to 100, but not likely any more than that. electric cars, as you (...)
You need to define your environment. If the car battery is inside a car then the automotive specs are quite stringent such as -24V to +48? and a high Joule load dump rating to simulate the large inductive load from the electric clutch in an ACU, which can be easily protected with an MOV disc. If the input voltage drops to 0V with low (...)
In an automobile car, one of the terminals of battery (usually negative terminal) is electrically connected to the chassis. I think electric golf cart is not an exception. If one of the battery pack terminals of the golf cart is properly connected to the chassis then no such noise should appear. Perhaps (...)
I am interesting to know about the automation systems (production line) and the machines that manufactures these products: solar cells, thin-film solar modules, display screens like: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), touch panel and plasma, thin film rechargeable lithium ion batteries, lithium ion batteries for electric car, fuel cells and printe
hi, i am interested on hydraulic hybrid may replace battery.Initially i want to do a small R&D on hydraulic battery.i want to store 2.5KWH i need some help for calculation(tank size ,accumulator size,flow rate,hydra motor size,electric motor size etc). If possible one can help me? thx.
hello, we are designing an electric car, besides the chassis and motors, we are specifically working on the ECU(input of all the sensors) and the graphical display using a micro controller. thereby i reach out to you to give suggestions and guidelines to meet our objective.
The heart of the RC system is its servos. These are electric motors with a gear box and a crank or such like to provide mechanical movement, which is also linked to a pot to provide electrical feedback of the movement. So if you have some one capable of building one, get him to build at least three (steering, speed, gears)!! If it is beyond your ca
This is a construction of car ?electric windows?. Windows opening and closing electric system was applied and the window winders replaced with a new, original ones with motors. Due to the tightness, all drivers remained in place,
A car horn will usually be designed to operate best at around 14V or a bit more - that's what the alternator gives the electrical system when the engine is running. LiIon cells, although rated at 3.7V, actually give up to about 4.2V when freshly charged. That's why some LED flashlights will be instantly killed if they are only designed to run on
Most cars are equipped with overload protection in electric window elevators, causing switching off the motor when raising window encounters an obstacle, but it can be too late and our hand can hurt. Optical barrier
There are quite a few sites devoted to model aircraft and car engines. Here are two of my favorites: RC Universe features rc cars, rc airplanes, rc helicopters, rc electric planes, rc boats, radio control jets, rc discussion forums, rc classifieds and auctions. RCGr
In an electric car built by a friend of mine, he used a shunt resistance. It was a plain copper bar, about 10 cm long by 5 cm wide and 1cm high. So we used a 24bit ADC, with two ports: one on one end and the other at the other end of the bar. Then you just calculate the voltage drop. Easy and cheap.
i want a circuit for herein when i turn on the SW ,the relay activated after seconds but because of low impedance of relay(160 ohms), this circuit did not work my question is: how i can solve this problem?
Hi guys I am building an electric go kart and need some advice on its mechanical design. Just check my maths please, if I have a 85kg kart + 85 kg driver (170kg), and I want to accelerate to 6.94m/s in 2seconds this is the power I need... Kinetic energy= 0.5*170kg*(6.94m/s)^2= 4kJ Then the power is 4kJ/2sec = 2KW (mechanical) Now how m