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hello everybody, if any one has ever installed smart electric meters could u tell me what deffeciency did u find in those meters? I'm planning for a project based on smart meters & don't want to leave any disadvantages in it . I'll try to make the best electric meter . but only thing is (...)
I want to know whether the MDI recorded in electric meter is reset every time the meter reading is done. If yes then I will like to know the reference or rule under which it is done. Please guide. Dr J s suri
Extremely high input impedance and any ambient electric field, or even self-generated (kick-back) noise will do that. If the range of fluctuation varies with probe separation and orientation of the leads, it's the ambient field.
When the incandescent lamp suddenly become dark in my home,I noticed that the electric energy meter turn fast, what are the reasons?
My friend Jefrrey explain correct calc. Sometimes if we have periodic turning on of some device this is hard to calc with some formula. Example is refrigerator, compressor will turn on when needed or termostat say. For this situations use exact measurement with electric meter
to produce beep sound u need not to connect a speekr a piezo electric buzzer is enough to produce it u can connect it through a transistor like BC547
sun is 1.1KW/m^2 Its right! Total energy form sun on a square meter is in the form of heat and light. Its in continuous as long as its shining, that is for example a 1.1KW electric heater will emit same amount of energy as long as it is connected to mains. Or sunlight through a glass window of 1 m2 in aroom will heat equal to 1KW he
72279 For this device, can measure the basic real data such as such as U, I, P, Q, S, COSΦ, F, kWh, kVAr, etc. Auxiliary module can make extend function: harmonic analysis; remote signals input,;electric relay output; programmable analog outputs;data storage;Profibus communication; Ethernet communicat
Hi. Im new learner for MikroC. I doing automated meter reading using rf. Transmitter is connected to the electric meter and it counts the pulses from it and displays it over the LCD display. It also transmits the data over wireless using RF. and i added few thing like RTC for clock and external EEprom for storing meter (...)
Presented system is a meter of rotational speed of electric motors. Its main advantage is non-invasive measurement, what means that it lights a rotating object with a high power LED. The measurement is done by setting the frequenc
Yes it does have external electric field between its two terminals. If there are two points with a potential difference V separated apart by a distance d (in a dielectric like air or vacuum) then the electric field is given by E = V/d. If the geometry is complicated, corrections and appropriate relations apply.
Guys, I'd like to convert a variable current from 0~5A (From Generator source which will be AC) and convert it to analog voltage from 0~5Vdc.. Can you help paste a reference schematic or explain how to design as such.. I tried using OP-AMP but it burns after I get the current and convert it to DC voltage of an Industrial electric FAN.
Please confirm how this product Regards SK
Hi, Its been quite a while since I posted here.. Can anyone help me in my current problem, I have an electric power meter, after calibration (3 months) it failed... it uses ADE7755.. I will be doing some reliability testing on it in a couple of weeks and I need to know more about transformer characteristic vs. heat and vibration... does it a
daviddlc, The proper wire gauge to use depends only on the current, not the voltage. In the USA, the proper wire gauge for a 15 Ampere circuit for house wiring is 14 Ga according the the national electric code. 14 Ga wire has a resistance of approx .0074 Ohms/meter, or .037 Ohms for 5 meters. This would result in a voltage drop of approx (...)
what do you mean by speed electron? or speed of the electron ....that can be measured by finding/measuring its mobility using hall effect based Gauss meter which on multiplication with applied electric field will give velocity of electron...also no applied field no velocity i mean no mobility
hi every11111 i seek help regard 2 my project on how 2 minimise the power theft by installing various electric meter......please sugest me name of sites.......and ideas plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
hai i having a simple doubt if we connect phase wire to pond fishes are getting shock. in water all potential will be equal then how fishes are dieng. or from were to were current will flow
Current density is a measure of the density of electrical current. It is defined as a vector whose magnitude is the electric current per cross-sectional area. In SI unit, the current density is measured in amperes per square meter.
Quote~"If two one-second collections of 1 Coulomb each were concentrated at points one meter apart, the force between them could be calculated from Coulomb's Law. For this particular case, that calculation becomes density of metallic copper is a