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That's right! 10% wasn't cutting it so it's 50% off of over 350 items until they are all sold or April 30th at midnight - whichever comes first. All sorts of electronic components, electrical items, and fun stuff at Here's a couple of examples: 4410pcs Linear technology DC-DC Converter, Buck 4MHZ QFN-28 L
Hi, Can any one please explain about the difference between electrical & mechanical compressor in truck technology.
Narrowly speaking, the coating is applied for protecting various electronic products such as circuit board, glass, metal and many plastic. The coating surface has the properties of damp-proof, insulation, dust-proof, anti-corona and so on. With the development of electrical technology, electronic product deeps into every corner of daily life. The c
Hello All, Regarding the gate oxide thickness, there are two parameters named toxe(electrical) and toxp(physical) in predictive technology modeling files. Please let me know how to correlate the parameter "tox" which is always used for gate-oxide thickness instead of the above mentioned toxe, toxp, dtox and toxm. Thanks Smita
Here is my understanding: - physical oxide thickness is the real thickness of the gate dielectric layer, that you can measure with a ruler on TEM vertical cross-section. - effective or electrical oxide thickness is the thickness of SiO2 layer that would produce the same capacitance (per unit area) as the given technology. There are several reason
My question is why elaboration step needs technology lib files ?? DHA_SYNTH The technology file defines layers and devices that are available for a particular fabrication process. The layer, physical, and electrical rules for the technology are also contained in the technology file. So when you are doing (...)
Hey, I am Alexandru and right now, I am working to design VisionBot which is an affordable Surface Mount technology assembly shooter that can be used to place about 2,000 SMD chips onto Printed Circuit Boards for PCBA. Practically the VisionBot machine will enable the dream of millions electrical engineers, hacker
1. Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of technology (John Huang) 2. Department of Electromagnetism and Circuit Theory, Universidad Politcnica de Madrid, Madrid, 28040, Spain (C. Tienda, J. A. Encinar, E. Carrasco, M. Arrebola) 3. electrical Engineering Department University of California, Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA 90095 USA (Hari
Ion implantation is a materials engineering process by which ions of a material are accelerated in an electrical field and impacted into a solid. This process is used to change the physical, chemical, or electrical properties of the solid. Ion implantation is used in semiconductor device fabrication and in metal finishing, as well as various applic
This looks like a trivial difference to me, possibly just statistical. But there are phenomena which change the "electrical Tox" relative to "optical Tox", such as poly depletion (tending to be worse in the P type poly since boron is up-taken by the glass). If the models are fitted individually in isolation then it's possible that such fundamen
I think there is an error in this. In a 65 nm technology, printed linewidths cannot go below 65nm but the effective transistor width or electrical width (Leff) can go as low as 25 nm. The pitch is just the minimum length of gate + minimum space between gates.
See the MOSIS WAFER electrical TESTS, e.g. this one.
This digital lock can be used for protection of e.g. an electrical workshop when an ordinary metal key is not enough and you need a more advanced technology. It can be adapted to protect any room, drawer, safe, etc. Feature
For nearly 50 years, the primary technology used to detect vehicles has been the inductive loop detector. Although simple, inductive loop detectors are somewhat expensive to install. They require a nearby source of electrical power, which adds to the cost of installation. [url=htt
hello is there any book in which i can calculate the power of the lifting magnet.... electrical technology by b.l tharaja ..i check this book .....but i didnt find that articale i check on pdf form....may b this article is in this book but in some other edition please help me findinf this topic...or anyother info related to lifitng power of magnet
Some technology documentation give both physical and electrical process parameters, and I'm not sure what the difference is If the specific example, as to what is under reference could be tabled, it will be easier for the members to suggest you.
This is the latest state-of-the-art technology for automatically regulating your incoming voltage levels. It utilizes an IGBT based inverter topology to electronically modify the incoming electrical waveform to an ultra-pure sinewave with ideal voltage and power quality characteristics. It performs what it
1. Learn electrical engineering (if not already done) 2. Study state-of-the-art (existing instruments) 3. Start to work
Hi, I need some advice and suggestion regarding the career path. I have completed my masters in science in electrical engineering from American university 6 years ago with emphasis on analog design. But after that I could not get into vlsi/ic design field after I graduated and have been working in Information technology since then. Now I want to
sir i m student of electrical engineering. i m looking for a final year project regardig electrical power. u r the experts i just want to know u people suggession and help.. please help me dont use sms or short hand typing skills in this forum... type the complete words by spending few