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Hello I have seen many electrical vehicle battery chargers that employs a boost PFC and then a llc topology. Why batteries are not chargued directly by the regulated pfc stage without the LLC? Thanks
I have an Electric vehicle (EV). I replaced the original Nickle Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries with Lithium Ion (LiON) batteries from a Ford Focus, and added a new charging system and battery management system (BMS). The traction pack is fully isolated from the vehicle chassis and electrical systems. Even though it no longer manages the (...)
Hi Thei, i have experience in PCBdesign using Orcad, and using Altium designer also, i designed the PCB for an electrical vehicle and design a GPS and GPRS tracking system, you need more information ?
Hi guys. I would like to seek assistance and advice on constructing a MATLAB simulink model to display the simulation result for regenrative system starting from the pedal brake, till the battery side to monitor any output. For your information, I'm currently doing a project about retrofit conversion of hybrid electrical vehicle (HEV), and my
The system is based on microcontroller AT89C2051. It is used for programming the cycle repeats of the wipers. It controls the relay, which should be properly plugged into the vehicle electrical system. The device is controlled by
For nearly 50 years, the primary technology used to detect vehicles has been the inductive loop detector. Although simple, inductive loop detectors are somewhat expensive to install. They require a nearby source of electrical power, which adds to the cost of installation. [url=htt
The assumptions were that the vehicle was to be driven by two motors 750W 36V, but a
User ?carot? presents his quad 126p. The whole vehicle was constructed of the Fiat 126p parts. The fan was removed from the engine, and electrical one was assembled. Thermostats were made. The fan turns on just after
Hi,all I am amazed about the FDTD method.I have read many papers about teh FDTD method. Now I want to apply it to the vehicle-level EMC modeling. But how can I resolve the electrical large objects in the FDTD? by the way, Is the FDTD suited for the analysis of the system-level EMC? p.s. This is a paper which I think it is a good developmen