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Hi, Good Material!!! Thanx. Added after 8 minutes: Hi, I suppose these are the lectures prepared with the help of book "electromagnetics applications" by Fawaz t. Ulaby. Can anyone have this book's Solution Manual. Reply appreciated.
It looks like the book is the following: Qian, Y. and T. Itoh, FDTD Analysis and Design of Microwave Circuits and Antennas (Software and applications), Realize Inc.,Tokyo, 1999 Is that right? S. PS: There is a free FDTD software in java at the following link:
please upload the solution manual to kraus electromagnetics and its applications
Bessel function is the solution of a special second order differential equation. It is used in many applications. Please see the David Cheng's book (Field and Wave electromagnetics) page. 563. lkuzu
Dear All: I'm reading the book of " The CG-FFT method: applications of Signal Processing Techniques to electromagnetics" written by Manuel F. Catedra, Rafael P. Torres etal, publishede in 1995 by ARTECH HOUSE. Anyone has the source code or some implementations of the book? The source code that is said to be available from the website: http: