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As you don't specify what lamps you are using its a guess, but I would think that as the power increases, its primarily the current that increases, not the voltage. 80W = two 40W inside the same envelope, just combine the metal work. . . So how does you electronic ballast know what to set the current to? Frank
For oscillator design in electronic ballast I bought a 10/6/4 toroid ferrite core i want the Hsaturation value to find the number of turns i should wind. i am using a hinoday ferrite of msb-5s material grade. some one please help me to find the Hs. The bsat is 480mT. ui = 3000 I tried with u=b/H and got some 1.27 but i dont know (...)
Hello, I am working on 250W HID electronic ballast has the input which is connected to 230 V AC ,50Hz mains supply and ballast output is connected to HID lamp. Please find the attached. I have one below issue. While fitting this ballast in streetlight fixture, the output of ballast(which goes to (...)
RLC Resonance tank circuit problem in FTL or HID electronic ballast design for HID Lamp. Any Disadvantage ?
Hi Guys, I have freezed out the design for 250W HID electronic ballast for HID Lamps ( MH/HPS now I want to have dimming functionality in the above design. How it can be achieved. Can anyone help me on this. Thank you
i would like to deign an electonic ballast for flourescent lamps.i would like to include a buck boost power factor correction circuit for the improvement of powerfactor. a series resonant parallel loaded circuit is used to drive the lamp output stage.i would like to switch the circuit using zero voltage switching and i would like to sense the outpu
i would like to simulate the elecronic ballast circuit which shown below using simulink.There is an input buck boost powerfactor correction stage in the input and a resonant inverter stage is in the output stage which is used to drive the lamp.i would like to operate the buck boost convetrer in Dicontinuous Conductiion mode with a fixed frequency a
iam getting problem when rectifier with power factor control added to half bridge resonant inverter.....but individually they r working ..... how to rectify this problem can any suggest ...
I require a Transformer design software for cfl electronic ballast working in Flyback topology with flyback transformersin solar applications like lanterns, street lights etc.. . Is there any software available for Flyback transformer design. If available please any provide.
I get a ballast design software where you can design any type of "electronic ballast". The software is very easy. You can design a electronic ballast within five steps The size of the software is 4.2MB you can dowload it from this link
Can you tell me what components that I need to make an eletronic ballast circuit. Thanks.
schematic for electronic ballast
International Rectifier and ST Microelectronics have some ICs for electronic ballast. Look at their sites and you will find a lot of application circuits and useful informations.