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You can use any software that will draw electronic schematics. You just have to make your own symbols for your electrical components like motors. Kicad would be one of the most sophisticated for free. Tinycad is about the simplest and least sophisticated and is used for small drawings.
The jack carries 2 conductors. The artist drew a tiny triangle. If it's a diode then it appears to be pointing the wrong way. Perhaps the drawing software lacked conventional electronic symbols. Or perhaps it is intended to indicate that the jack can contain switched contacts, if desired.
I am drawing my desired electronic Circuits using PROTEUS 7 professional ISIS 7 Professional. I want the following desired Resistor Symbol 113589 I have searched in the library rectangular box type resistors are available. But I couldn't find the above desired Resistor Symbol. Can you guide
MOSFETs have a bulk terminal, whatever it's conncted to. But you can make your own schematic symbols or modify existing ones in any electronic CAD tool.
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I have this circuit diagram and I need help identifying two symbols. At the bottom left just to the right of the thermistor, the box connected to ground and the crossing lines inside it. Also the top middle, the two round symbols with line thru the middle and arrow pointing down. I would like to know what these are. I have looked thru alot of s
Circuit Cellar, Nut & Volts, EPE, etc, their schematic always look neat and very nice. The symbols are very professional looking. Do you know what software they use? Is it a design software or just some kind of drawing package like Visio or SmartDraw? Thanks
You may be able to find libraries of electronic symbols for PowerPoint, which I think Dia (and OpenOffice "Impress") can probably import. This might eliminate some effort in the nuts and bolts. LTSpice has a very active Yahoo! user group and associated file repository; not so much digital emphasis, but some. Using a real schematic tool has signif
When you guys looks a schematic circuits for digital circuits/networks how do u do the circuit analysis for each inputs,outputs,etc for every pin on every IC chip? When i look at a schematic i always thought it was just a topology of trace routing and schematic symbols of electronic parts , thats all it was suppost to tell you was just the topol
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