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I have Vector VN1630 box. On one side it has Two serial 9-pin male connectors. One 9-pin male connector is labeled CH 1/3. The other 9-pin male connector is labeled CH 2/4. I connect my target electronic Control Unit (ECU) to CH 2/4 connector. From Control Panel - I open Vector Hardware Config. I expand on VN1630 tab. Then, I click on On
Ask your local electronic component vendor who can suggest you better brands if you particular in finding best Brands. After all your target is to transfer the heat to the device effectively which will be done effectively by any "heat sink compound" available with component vendors. Cheers
I really don't recommand this circuit as it outputs square wave. You will end up with harmonics and might affect the working of some wireless device. I am glad to see people trying stuff in electronic, but power converter sould be carefully designed.
What about electronic work bench...? Is it a free ware...?
Radar target identification of aircraft using polarization-diverse features Chamberlain, N.E.; Walton, E.K.; Garber, F.D. Aerospace and electronic Systems, IEEE Transactions on Volume 27, Issue 1, Jan 1991 Page(s):58 - 67 Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/7.68148
In general, the IR beam intensity is modulated by a sine wave. The beam is reflected off a surface that is at the point being measured. The returned beam is detected and amplified. You end up with a sine wave with a phase shift compared to the transmitted one because of the time of flight to and from the target reflector. Ordinary electronic me