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hi, i think the best way to learn about this stuff is by gaining lots of experience, so your idea of getting a simple lab and conducting experiments is a good one. i'm not really good at analog yet, but i learned a lot of basic stuff by building my own guitar effects (i learned about op amp configs, transistor circuits, filters, design consideratio
Eight years old might be just a bit young, but I'm fond of any of the Radio Shack kits that are created by Forrest Mims. The electronics learning lab is a fantastic introduction to basic electronics. Radio Shack sells these for $70, but you can find them on eBay for $30-40 all day long. I actually just picked one up recently (...)
I burned up the transformer in my Radio Shack electronics learning lab. They don't list any parts for them as far as I can tell. This thing was glued in. I'm sure it wasn't intended to be replaced. Just the same-- I'd like to repair it if possible. It's got this number on top but it doesn't Google up. 102381690A. I realize any number of (...)
heres another good hobbiest site