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The question is unclear. What do you want particularly to improve? The electrical efficiency of modern VFD is very high, e.g. 98 %. It can be still interesting to improve it, but it's a matter of profound power electronics experience and hardly suitable for an academic project. You get probably a much higher efficiency saving potential by adjust
Good day to all. I have been continuously returning to this for as not registered and learned a lot. I have now changed my mind and would like to offer some of my free time. I want to offer a small project electronics design and development, beginning from "scratch to PC" , with individual schematic and PCB layout creation, prototype manufactu
It depends what other fields you are interested in. Personal interests could be as diverse as, audio hi/fi, robotics, models and radio control, amateur radio and communications, microcontrollers and software, automotive gadgets, and many many other very different applications of electronics. The electronics involved is really only a means to
I am an electronics Engineering student and for a large project, I am looking into satellite TV distribution over a Fibre Optic network. To do this, a Fibre LNB has to be used to capture and convert the incoming RF to IF to send down the Fibre Optic cabling. To enable the full frequency spectrum to go down a single fibre cable, the technology used
A 30 W SCR inverter is a demonstration project, either to demonstrate antique power electronics concepts or the working principle of real high power (MW) systems. The commutation method would be choose according to the requirements of the demonstrated system. I won't rule out "class B" (resonant LC circuit commutation). Load variations can be is
4 Layer Immersion Gold PCB Material: FR-4 Layer Count: 4L Thickness: 1.0mm Min. Hole Size: / Min. Trace Width/Spacing: / Surface Finish: Immersion Gold Technical Feature: / 129709 Contact me, let's talk details. Best regards, Darren Yang Marketing Executive Shenzhen Benqiang electronics Co., Ltd. No
8 Layer Hi-Tg Immersion Gold PCB Material: FR4 Layer Count: 8L Thickness: 1.6mm Min. Hole Size: 0.2mm Min. Trace Width/Spacing: 4/4mil Surface Finish: Immersion Gold Technical Feature: Resin hole plugging + 2BGA 129708
Hi, I want to combine two pic projects into one but using a single LCD module. The projects are 6 connections in the LCD that must be switched between the two projects, so I need to make a 6-pole switch. I would li
Hey there for the first time community. So I'm on my first year studying electronics, and for our final project this year we were asked to design and build a variable PWM motor controller. Everything was going fine until I reached the last bit of the design; using drivers to drive the MOSFETs. I honestly have no idea how to use them properly
Hi, I'm developing a project for automotive environment and I need a little help designing the schematic and picking the right components. The project itself is very rudimentary and suitable for electronics hobbyist. So, if you are interested in developing an electronic device for cars, PM me in this forum or send me an e-mail: tturvas@gm
Hello. I just started learning about PLCs. My primary field of expertise is acctually electronics and microcontrollers, but for a sake of my employment, I have to learn to work with PLCs. I already know basics and I know how to write ladder diagram. I also finished one project in work with easy 822 PLC from Eaton. Some time ago, my friend gave me
I have an idea for an electronic project and I was wondering how much it would cost to hire a electronic design firm to design and build a prototype. Does anybody have any recommendations? USA only. The project will involve fast charging batteries, MCU/logic and smart phone app integration. Thanks
Hello, A particular recruitment consultancy in UK is spreading bad stories about me to potential employers. The story that they tell concerns an electronics contract that I left (a few years ago) before the project was finished. The sole reason that I left the contract was because the project was totally and utterly bogus and would have (...)
Hello, I am the subject of legal proceedings from a UK electronics company who are accusing me of loosing the company money by leaving a project half-way through it. (It was a Switch Mode Power Supply project). Are there any bodies that I can go to for advice? The situation is that I was working on the project, (...)
Hi Guys, I came back to the electronics after almost 30 year. My first project was (and still is) an on board glow plug driver for RC IC engines. It is sill in the prototype stage. 123998124002 It works in three different modes : 1, Start mode - powers the glow plu guring the engine start 2.
I see that you took part in a lengthy discussion about (single phase) sine PWM two years ago So I presume you have already basic knowledge about ?C PWM generation. The additional issue here are three phase sine generation, also availability of hardware PWM resources with PIC16. There's Microchip AN
Looking for someone to design and build electronics for functioning props. Looking for a creative person who can take my odd ideas and make them a reality. Final projects would be limited run/one-off type items. For instance, create a circuit that senses the rotation of a globe. When the globe is rotated in a correct sequence (say 3 left, 2 rig
Hello I am currently doing my Final Year BE in electronics and Communication and need help in shortlisting some good topics for my final year project. I am interested in Embedded Systems, Industrial Automation and surrounding topics. Thank You.
This is just finished PCBA is second time to make the boards. From PCB to PCBA,all processes are controled by EzPCB company. If engineers have any design questions,we can provide the technological support. For prototype,only one piece of board,EzPCB will provide the PCB and PCBA service. For details,please upload your project to EzPC
Disclaimer - I am very very new to electronics (literally a week), but am doing a lot of reading to try and catch up with the knowledge I need for my eventual project. Background: I run a lot of endurance running races and almost all of the races use UHF RFID passive chip timing systems where the runners wear a UHF passive RFID tag embedded in