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For an exact calculation, you need to model the microstrip line geometry with layered substrate in an EM (respectively AC electrostatic) solver. For an estimation, a weighted average should work. Considering fabrication tolerances due to substrate thickness, resin composition and etch width variations, don't expect better accuracy than +/- 10 % imp
Im using the (ES) electrostatic Solver to compute the E&H-Fields from an Electric Potential using a Hexahedral mesh. This works fine. From there when I click Post Processing -> Thermal Losses I'm getting the error: *Unable to compute a thermal volume loss distribution for electric losses. Check your material settings, or deactivate the electri
I am reading about MicroRobotics in an article from Robotics & Automation Magazine, IEEE. They are saying that making smaller the objects, then forces created by an electrostatic field, Magnetic field, Surface Tension of fluids or Van der Waals forces became significant and could be used to manipulate those objects. They gave me an example but
Non-contact sensors work by detecting the electrostatic field around the conductor. You need a high impedance probe, amplifier and rectifier to convert it to a measurable voltage. Unless you can guarantee the distance from the conductor, the properties of any insulator around it and a constant environment, you will get inconsistent results. For ex
i want to make a electrostatic co2 precipitator attached to the vehicle which in turn would reduce carbon content going in the atmosphere. But, how to make one? As i know it should be accommodated on a vehicle so it should be small and must consume less power. Can anyone suggest something in this matter?
hi, Look here for ideas. E
Headphones are basically small dynamic loudspeakers. I suppose you could make electrostatic ones but safety would be a serious issue. If you are planning to make the transducers yourself, start by finding a source of neodymium magnets, a good plastics molding company and a coil winding machine. Brian.
ON Semi shows the zener diodes and a series gate resistor. They allow the 2000V electrostatic gate-source voltage spike. Philips NXP and Fairchild do not show the zeners and resistor and do not have the electrostatic rating.
If the voltage source is electrostatic in 10's of kV, and motor torque is proportional to current, there will not be much conventional motor power at low voltage high current. Perhaps you are thinking of a linear EM motor used for high speed transport with levitation.
Dielectric breakdown is higher than the occurrence of Partial Discharge PD which can occur on long cables. It will become electrostatic, attract dust and even cause contact discharge with charged dust on the insulated sleeve. So test it with an scope probe as an shorted loop antenna around the coax. THere are lots of journal references on this t
I don't understand your post, all questions are answered in the datasheet. (There are better readable and more verbose datasheets though). Generally there's a clear semantic for contact symbols, e.g. how to show normally open and normally closed contact function. This semantic isn't perfectly implemented in the shown symbol, but still well under
Hello everybody, I've research about electrostatic precipitation for cleaning of air. actually there is a high electrostatic voltage on the electrode surrounded by neutralize surface of metal tube. for mounting electrodes at the center of tubes we need use one or two windows that they catch these electrodes . question is one window is better or a
EMWorks Xpress is a free fully functional first-pass electromagnetic simulation tool. You can use EMWorks Xpress to perform basic electrostatic, magnetotstatic, and S-parameters analysis. You can easily study the effect of voltages on insulators, permanent magnets and coils on ferromagnetic core, and the frequency response of RF and Microwave devic
During processing metalization layers, on metal paths is collecting electrostatic charge which could breakdown the gate oxide in transistors. To avoid this effect a diodes are connecting to long metal paths.
YOu would need to show a lot of info to get help. Schem., layout, photos, datasheet links, etc. How do you know the OVP protects the devices? Have you tested that? with a 3kV pulse? Joules? What tests have you not done? SEMiX IGBT modules are sensitive to electrostatic discharge, because discharge of this kind can damage or destroy the sensiti
Hello, I would like to make a very sensitive voltage detector, to measure the voltage out of the detector of a crystal set or generally detector diodes without loading them much. I have found this simple circuit Which can measure a
Yes, with proper ESD precautions, handling the LPC1768 should not be an issue. An ESD Overview, and Suggested Handling Precautions Fundamentals of electrostatic Discharge BigDog
electrostatic cro is a voltage indicating device,current indicating device or both?
Many years ago electrostatic speakers were available (maybe some are still used today) and were driven from a high voltage amplifier. The amplifier used an output transformer that stepped up the voltage. Look for the amplifier circuit in Google.
Hi Dear friends, I have a homework and I can not figure out how to do that. I'm so stressed. May you can help. I have a moving charged particle placed in electrostatic field of E0 and magnetostatic field of B0. There is no radiation from a large volume surrounded the charge. Now I need to find from conservation law of electormagnetic energy as :