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HI Here is a partial list: 1) EDN (free) 2) Electronic design (free) 3) F & microwave (Free) 4) C circuit cellr (paid) 5) elektor electronics (paid) 6) epe Everyday Practical Electronics(paid) 7) Silicon chip (paid) all the best bobi
Nuova Elettronica Elettronica Pratica CQ Elettronica From Italy elektor epe Circuit Cellar Nuts and Volts from England/US Sometimes if You visit some russian sites you can find the link for D/L. Mandi
it may be controlling any thing from my cell phone I also don't know about this stuff very much... but i have somewhere (i think in epe or elektor magazine) read about this idea on a low level basis... i mean it was for hobbyists(i should say intermediate hobbysists)... if u r a beginner then i hope that article might help u....
go to elektor maganin in march 2002
Search Edaboard for function generator. There is elektor article with MAX038, the good one.
Hi For the elektor issue you have to check the paper article, try with the library. The PCB can be either be bought or download the PDF. I do not know if they sell issues that new. More info can be found at epe you can check their homepage for their projects, I guess someone can help you with a P
Hi There have recentrly been projects in both epe mag and elektor, some of them published in the forum. Good luck /Cl
I am looking for good and simple schematic of sensitive metal-detector on large width (approx. 1,5-2 meter). Please, help! Please search forum first or use google. and I think both elektor and epe mag have published such projects. Alos try to post in right topic