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This old thread is the first hit on Google when searching for an LTSpice model for the IRL510. In case anyone else is searching, I just wanted to report that the model posted in that thread does not appear to be compatible with LTSpice. In particular, the LEVEL=17 parameter for the NMO
Hey, I don't have much to say about the convergence issue but use "if, else if, else" in your code. Like verilog it's better to have else condition for every if. Here's the little intuition I have about the convergence issue, consider all these statements in the for loop calculated in parallel. In the first step connection to 0 wouldn't be (...)
Hi I am implementing the circuit which my friend is working doubt is in the below diagram attached,there are inputs from N number of inputs,how to delcare the input PWL waveform for each of them say n=64,should i declare 64 times for each of the gate or else any short cut we have ,plz help.
I think the .else keyword doesn't have to be followed by a condition (V>=s1). It's redundant anyway.
Hi, In order to simulate your IBIS file in hspice, then you need to create a hspice deck. The syntax of which is specified in the hspice user guide. Alternately you can even simulate it in cadence using the ibis2spice utility and simulating it in spectre. Or else you can even convert the IBIS model to spice using ibis2spice (...)
May be this topic will help you?
Hi You can use if-else type looops in Hspcie, depending on application purpose. In the below attachment you can see a good summary. Hope it is useful for you. Cheers
he model of mosfet is mos 27C~150C mos_n40 -40C~27C Now, i want to scan temp, so i have two netlist coresponding to two temp stage. In sp file, i write .IF (temp < 27) .INC '.............' #low-temp model netlist .else .INC '...............' #high-temp model netlist .ENDIF ................................. .............................
Hi Everyone, I want to use dual-threshold logic in my transistor level circuit using hspice. My query is : Is there any seperate model files ( TSMC or UMC or anything else ) for Dual-Threshold logic purpose.
Hi, I have major difficulties with the widaband, lossy mtline-model in spectre - any one else who has mastered a simulation with mtline or who shares my opinion ? Furtheron I figured out a strong dependence on the parameter fmax ... Anyone knows how to import wline from hspice "into" spectre ? (Is it possible to do that - also for tran-sim
Search on MOSIS. You will find it. else download the CDK from NCSU. You will find all models in that design kit.
Dear sadegh you can find lambda just in level 1 model. because lambda is function of transistor length and many things else. MikeR's solution is a good way. regards
This is OK if there is a hspice simulator installed and the Synopsys Cadence socket enabled. Or else, we cannot see that as well.
Hi guys, I check hspice manual. These statements are there. I tried to use it but no luck. Here is what i did. My intention is to select one of these analyse. Is this doable? Or it is just my imagination. Do need advice for you guys. Thanks. .param ooo=1 .if (ooo==0) .dc vin 0 1 0.01 .else .dc vin 4 5 0.01 .endif
I am not too sure what else is the major difference but the following is one big difference....and by the way spectre and spectre simulator!!!...they are the same... I am talking about diff. bet. hspice and spectre hspice simulator:- Treats the circuit as a Linear Time Invariant system if u simulate something like an oscillator
I design D/A simulation ramp for INLD/DNL --> use PULSE .. sim sine wave for SNR --> use table code but I think use behavior A/D is better .. but how modeling behavior A/D ? when I design flash A/D .. I use hspice and make a behavior D/A model .. I find I can not use "if else .. for decode circuit ..." finally I use ve
Till now , no SPICE simulator includes a built-in simulator for substrate noise modeling . Some vendors (like Cadence ) released a seperate programs for this task & can provide you a subcircuit description to include it in your simulator (hspice or else) , but not to take the whole job. Some designers , however , force a noise generator on the

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