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Hi All, We've a code written in SIMULINK which includes embedded Matlab files.Code does live image acquisition and video - image processing.We need to run this code on a some kind of board.First of all , we thought installing the code to a motherboard(ZOTAC ion itx B actually) with Linux realtime workshop tool of simulink we converte
For test realtime and rt tester u ve 2 port the tool 2 ur platform: compiler and os. I ve ported this tool 6 times to run on simulators or actual boards. Ports incorporated ucos-ii and embedded linux. I used serial, network interface, or board debugger as communication link between tool on pc and ur application on board. -- Amr
The embedded field has following sub fields: DSP Application programming System programming Networking Which field according to you is in much demand?
Normally, you can compile your proyect in Visual C++ for PC and with your embedded IDE or makefile for the Target. No same exe for PC and Target but same source files. Regards,
AA, Any one has any information about writing a TDP for embedded linux? I am really confused about executing the compiled program & test on my board. Regards, Amr Ali. embedded Systems Developer. +20123600207.
AA, Did anyone make a Target Deployment Port for his own embedded target platform on his own on this IBM tool? Regards, Amr Ali.
Give me some ideas researching on embedded systems and realtime systems
The realtime on embeddedXP can be emulated by using the drivers developed for common Windows XP. If I am wrong about the XP driver portability on embeddedXP, please correct me.
Does anyone have an experience to port the japanese realtime kernel call ed iTRON to MSP430. I've heard iTRON is very stable on embedded system application since it's widely use in automobil application. Micro Jack