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Hello edaboard I would like to implement the paragraph 2.2 (page 4/14) tecnique described in AN1015 SOFTWARE TECNIQUES FOR IMPROVING MICROCONTROLLER emc PERFORMANCE (AN1015) in a STM8S105 mcu. I Use Iar Kikstart and I usually program
Currently, I'm involved in a mcu design project. After fab-out, we tested emc & EFT ability of this mcu and got a very poor result. Any guy who knows how to improve the emc & EFT please give some hint or reference to me.
Hi mswug, emc is a complex issue. mcu with LDO is more complex. First of all, you need to understand if LDO can really be used to solve your customer's emc problem. Most of the time, emc issue in mcu did not come from VDD noise or VSS noise. It mainly comes from IO pins either radiative or conductive EMI (...)
qprox has such a QSLIDE? TOUCH SLIDER Maybe you can use it. I've already worked with qprox and can say it's very tricky to solve all emc problems (a slider is a long antenna). By a slider an other problem is what's to recognize when you press two finger on the slider? Gomez
I have used ST7FLITE05 in 3 different products. With HiWare compiler, very nice little micro, all passed emc test with no problems.
I am looking for a low cost Philips KMZ52 digital compass solution. I need to find a suitable OTP mcu to start with (emc or Holtek). Anyone has the calibration routine written in 4-bit or 8-bit mcu? How many bytes of RAM is needed for the routine if the accuracy requirement is about 4 degrees?