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do you want emergency lighting? This switches on , when electricity in home cuts off ?
Recently I purchase a china made Rechargeable led emergency light which contains 1 6V5Ah battery. Upon inspection I find that the circuit board contains an SMPS + a transistor switch to control the light. The SMPS it contains is exactly the same as this .
Hi praveenlb, Here have a look
It is an useful device for everyone who need to have a small and not heavy led light, which is to be an emergency light for a camera, such as Panasonic. This lamp weighs only 48g and its dimensions are 60x30x30mm +
Hello, I am doing an emergency led light unit. It obviously has a microcontroller in it which runs off the battery. I am just wondering , if the mains is OFF for several months, then the microcontroller and the control circuitry will keep draining 50mA from the battery (battery is five 5000mAh NiCd cells in series) Here is the cells use
I was wondering if i could ask whether there were different regulations for emergency Lighting depending on the "type" of emergency Lighting? For example, "true" emergency Lighting, could be said to be luminaires which specifically illuminate emergency Fire Exit Signage, -the luminaire being actually part of an (...)
IEC 62034 Automatic test systems for battery powered emergency escape lighting, available from your favourite standards bookstore (or ask Google).
But Li is very expensive isnt it? Comparatively yes. NiCd is the cheapest.........if NiCd suffers the memory ettect...then wouldnt that mean it was illegal to use it in emergency lights? Depends on local regulations.
Hello, We are making a 5W led light which comes on when the mains falls, to illuminate an emergency exit sign. Our boss insists that we are sure that the NiCd cells that we use can definetely manage this duration (4 years) ....and wants to know the price difference for cells which can give a 7 year life. How can we find this out?, i o
Hello, Concerning those led lights which light up fire exits, they must have a battery so that if the mains fails, the sign is still illuminated by a (reduced) level of light. Also, every month, these signs must "self test"...that is, they must switch off their own mains, and power the leds with the battery for 1 minute, just to show that t
There are so many ways to run a saver bulb with a 12Volt battery then why led emergency light are used? I didn't see an emergency light with a saver bulb but small fluorescent light are used which is worst than led light. Almost all emergency lights device until recently use small 4-8W neon lamp. Neon (...)
Hello, I want to make with a PiC12F629 (later a PIC16F690) a simple High Power led flash light for emergency cases. I have already programmed the PIC12F629 with different patterns witch flash the 20mA led’s 50ms on and 50ms off. I have now 6 High Power led’s from 1 watt: 3 pieces yellow 2.1v 350mA 3 pieces wh
Hi all, I need this item's circuit. 1.2 v nicd
Hello, We are doing an emergency led signage system. The leds to be driven are two series strings of six leds (330mA current in each led) The sign is supplied by the mains… ….but when the mains fails it must be supplied by the on-board Ni-MH battery. –the voltage of this (...)
Hello friends need help ... i need tested circuit diagram for 12v led emergency lamp (circuit without using transformers and with min 1-3 hrs working level ) urgent if any have please post . thank you........
These are quite economical as emergency lighting systems. They can also be dimmed. They need some kind of preheating. Can anyone give me a working circuit to use these. Preferably withouting any special purpose IC's? Thanks in advance. bimbla.