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During testing of my circuit, i had used common choke externally and there was reduction in emi noise when measured using the analyzer. So i decided to implement choke in my dc circuit to reduce the emi Noise. NOw when implementing choke in my design, connections are as follows , given in the figure. DC jack pins: 1- Hot supply 2- (...)
Hi, As you know, its not difficult to design and build an offline SMPS LED driver that can run at 235W output, and also be dimmable down to 25W output. (eg, a Boost PFC followed by a 2 transistor forward converter). However, its far more challenging to make it able to pass mains harmonic emissions at 235W, and also at (...)
I'm trying to simulate a microstrip stub matching network with short-circuited stub in Keysight ADS. In the schematic, I use the MLIN component for transmission lines, MTEE for the junction, and MLSC for the short-circuit stub (I also tried a combination of an MLIN + ground instead but the result is the same). When I simulate s-parameters, resul
Hello, I'm designing a low pass chebyshev filter using stepped impedance. I'm using the book 'Microstrip Filters for RF/Microwave Applications' as a reference. I have difficulty understanding how low and high impedances are defined. The book uses Z0L = 93 ohms and Z0C = 24 ohms. I could not find an explanation for these values, I (...)
Hi, I want to put a TVS diode between positive and GND lines (Earth and GND are the same in my board) on my board to pass the surge test (IEC 61000-4-5). When you check datasheets of TVS diodes they are mostly mentioned the IEC standards that they support, but my problem is I don't know which package(SMA, SMB, SMC) is suitable for my case. (...)
Hi, I consider buying for a friend the Hantek 6254EU owns an HP54520A but it's PSU has broken down. He used it for HF work (30MHz max) and he mainly used the FFT function (spectrum analysis) to measure harmonics of HF fundamentals. So he needs to do the same thing wit
Hi, I got this error in my LVS report. My layout and my schematic both connect good, however the report shows missing connection in my Source Netlist. I wondering where is the Source Netlist from? How to solve this problem? Thanks!
hi guys! I have recently put together a device that can measure and display temperature. i am using 2 seven segment displays, one small display for displaying some parameters and 1 large display (4inch height) for displaying the temperature. now the problem with the large display is that the right most digit is extra bright while the left three
Hello, just to be sure, could someone comment on the difference between magE and cmplxE in HFSS. Thank you very much. Best regards -e
Hi guys, I have the DE1-SoC having cyclone 5 with the ARM A9 cortex, but I will be using the ARM to boot Linux and do python programming. Currently, I have a problem that I can't open the GUI via the VNC viewer. The manual I am using is
156504 This is the circuit used to switch the analog value from pressure sensor's output to microcontroller.Output from the pressure will be 0.10mV to 5VDC. These output are connected to Y0 to Y7 pins.Channels are selected by using S0,S1,S2 and EN pins.If any output is not required means,EN pin is enabled and output from
Dear sirs, I recently purchased a Ask Impression 960. It is a very old projector from the beginning of digital projection. Its working mechanism is HDI lamp and direct TFT screen. He apparently is in great condition. It has no blown or blown capacitor, no blown fuse, and nothing to report any problems. But he doesn't care! Not even the lamp come
Femto Watts to Mega Watts. Are you talking about uplinks, downlinks, power consumption, power emission, overload capability, ERP or something else? Brian.
Hi, as per Pozar's Microwave Engineering book, there is a condition "A special case of the transducer power gain occurs when both the input and output are matched for zero reflection (in contrast to conjugate matching). Then GammaL = GammaS = 0" then GT=S21^2. and another one is conjugate matched condition. Does this mean ever after performin
Hi all, I am new to system Verilog and learning to write a test bench for already existing code. I have a file which has the code for SPI master. I have written a basic testbench ( test the master, but to simulate the SPI bus I wanted to use a verification IP already provided by sysWip. The VIP has an interface file and
How about something like this: Looking at the datasheet, the switching thresholds are 0.7 for H and 0.3 for L, so as long as your input levels can swing beyond those points it should work.
Here is my situation, while I run a simulation with Virtuoso IC6.1.7-b500.22, the virtuoso would suddenly quit by promoting error in terminal: Error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: Error 23 QEventDispatcherUNIXPrivate(): Unable to create thread pipe: Too many open files in system Segmentati
Hi, I've been experimenting with envelope analysis in Cadence and would like to plot the constellation and EVM for a QAM 16 modulated signal. I used the rectangular 16QAM block from rfLib in my testbench. In SpecteRF wireless envelope analysis, there is the option of printing the constellation and EVM directly, but the wireless (...)
Hi, I exposed a 630V rated ceramic capacitor (1812, X7R) to a spike voltage of 680Vpk. (the spike voltage as in the attached) It did not blow up. In spite of the fact that I exposed it to this spike repeatedly, every 4 seconds, over a 20 minute period. Do you think I have damaged this capacitor in any way? How long would it be before this capaci