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The receiver should work OK but the transmitter circuit is suspect. First point: make sure the transmitted data rate and receiver data rate are the same. Second point, the transmitter data inputs have internal pull-up resistors but your external transistors also pull the inputs to VCC, you need to pull the inputs low,
Hi I disgned 128b/132b encoder and decoder block in verilog code but my data width is 8 bit and my encoder' s input in 128 bit so how can I communicate my data bus with encoder?how can this encoder get 16 8 bit symbol?
Hey new to the forum and i need help with a project i have de2 boards and i need to have one board encode a message and the other board decode it and display it on a the 7 seg leds we have the encode/decode code but not sure how to get them to talk
Hi I want to design 128b/132b encoder and decoder.I got the verilog codes for 64b/66b encoding system but I dont know how should I use it for 128b/132b? Do you have the verilog code for 128b/132b?If no, please help me to write the codes
Hai Everybody, I want to do Digital communication lab experiment (SOURCE encoder and decoder) using Multisim. So anybody please help me for which type of encoder and decoder can we use. Thanking You. With Regards, Sindhuri.
Parallel port has >50kB/s bandwidth easily. Your design requires a refresh rate spec and allowed latency, supply power source and LED Vf @If specs. If 0.5ms is allowed then refresh rate is 2kHz then parallel rate is 25kHz x8bit / Serial encoder/decoder would require 100 x 2kHz rate. If you need to latch (...)
Hi ;-) Can you help me with 64b/66b encoding?Do you have verilog code for this encoder and decoder ?or Do you know its architecture at gate level?
hello guys. I just begin with Proteus and i like it so mutch, but i have a big problem. In fact, there is no HT12E encoder and HT12D decoder inside. So i want to import HT12E and HT12D librairies but i dont know where to find it. Please help me! Thanks, Hugues.
Why did you mention a microphone and a speaker? A microphone will not press a pushbutton switch on the encoder and the decoder does not have a power audio amplifier. If you set the encoder's oscillator to be an audio frequency then there will simply be a buzz if the decoder has an audio (...)
There's no such thing as "execution time" in logic design. We have logic propagation delay, clock speed of synchronous logic and possibly pipeline delays. In a synchronous 8b/10b decoder or encoder, the clock speed is usually equal to the symbol rate. Timing analysis assures that the implementation can keep up with the clock rate.
we are having 8 address bits. so we got only 2^8 combination. so we can able to design only 512 pairs. if we want to design more than 512 pairs, what we will do. Lets say that you want to design 1024 pairs of encoder and decoder both.Here you will be having 10 bits(1024=2^10).What I think could be possible(Could be wrong too,might n
i am doing project on turbo codes so if any one could help me for sending me the verilog code
This is in a generic register file generation and I have this code, when I synthesize, im getting a priority encode decoder. Is there any way I can avoid priority encoder/decoder for for loop? Else is there any way I can have a case statement which is scalable (dont know how many case expressions will be there (...)
AS you mentioned you are getting valid data from decoder.. But you are not getting for LED... kindly post the schematic of your design... iam checking for data transfer through ht12e and ht12d via using direct connecting dout and din pins...the problem is that ..iam giving input at data pins of encoder but the led's at de
Hi, I am working on a project that involves interfacing of camera with microcontroller cc2540. The raw video is to be encoded into H.264 format and transmitted over bluetooth low energy interface. I am looking for C code for H.264 encoder and decoder. Where can I find C code for H.264? Thanks.
Name some Cheap IR encoder and decoder except holtek and Princeton technology
my project block diag: keypad(input)=>pic16f877a=>max232=>DTMF encoder=>RF 433 ASK Tx => RF 433 ASK Rx=>DTMF decoder=>max232=>pic16f877a=>relays the data is being correctly transmitted and received using max232. so in cross questioning if i asked why i'm using max232 is then what will be the answer?? plz help me
The 555 output is a square wave that is full of harmonic frequencies, not just one sine wave frequency. You need a bandpass filter for each frequency that is not a simple capacitor. Why not use a touch-tone encoder IC for the transmitter and a touch tone decoder IC for the receiver instead then the frequencies will be (...)
You need a encoder IC like HT-12E to make it serial. and connect the transmitter circuit on the out pin of HT-12E. You can refer a lot of circuits available in internet using HT-12E & HT-12D(decoder at receiver end)
How to measure bit error rate in Matlab using hamming code?