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Hi I am trying to get feedback from my small wheelchair using ir encoders on the both wheels. I have never worked before with encoders. Can anyone help me out? Regards Hitesh joshi
you could use the encoder feedback to check the motor speed and direction and display it?
Hi all,, Im making a robotic Project that fix its speed whatever the slope of the surface.... I bought two used motors that each have an encoder installed onto it, that works with the effect of Hall Sensor. Im working with Pic 18F452. This is the speed and direction circuit for one motor : 93283 PIC:PIC18F452
i want to check the speed and the direction of motor encoder(servo motor) via 8051... i have made the speed and direction parts of the program separately and they work fine but when i combine those parts it is not giving the direction properly.....need help urgent
You should clarify which "analog" signal properties require to connect an AD converter to the encoder interface. As long as the signal swings beyond the VIL and VIH threshold values, it may be connected to digital IOs as well. But if you would need to use ADC inputs, it's possible of course. You have to consider the ADC sampling and conversion t
You could attach a quadrature encoder to the motor, that would be able to tell you which direction and how fast it was going too.
My experimental setup is as shown in attached image. The prime mover is used to drive the motor at a constant speed, e.g. 1000rpm. The encoder used in the system is Hengstler RI58-O/2000AS.41RB with 2000ppr. Output signals A and B of the encoder are input to an EX-OR gate. The CLK signal is then input to a 12-bit counter (...)
i've an optical encoder to measure the motor speed 2 wires o/p from this sensor 1stwire>>>>>to count pulses 2nd wire>>>>specify the direction right or left i can count pulses. sensor has no name.i try to know how to specify the direction but i can't . any one know how those sensors work?? how to specify the (...)
Hi everyone, Im facing a problem in developing a algorithm for a sensor absolute encoder that need to count the number of rotation for example 5 rotation or 4.5 rotation (1 full rotation = 360degree) The characteristic of the absolute encoder is, the change of degree in rotation will also changing the duty cycle width of the PWM ( eg. large ang
hello Does anyone have a link or something on a stepper motor +drive that can accept a TTL 1024 encoder ,and that can be a slave for the encoder. thx
Using Steppers with a shaft encoder would be a good sollution. You can't rely on a pulse counter for determining the stepper motor position. If it's over torqued a stepper will slip and you'll have no idea it happend. There are many different methods for encoding shaft direction and speed, look up as many as you can.