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hello everyone, I have used convolutional encoding with qpsk modulation using AWGN channel. During decoding if the signal to noise ratio is less than 5 like 1, 2 etc. It shows error i.e. ??? Error using ==> vit Invalid input for chosen decision-type. Allowed input values for hard-decision decoding are 0 and 1. But if keep
I am using two nrf24l01 in my project at both end for wireless communication between both. If I uses more than two such devices, how should I encode it for multiple devices ?
Hi, I wanted to decode Videocon HD DTH RF Remote control. I searched in net I couldn't get any circuit for that. What type of hardware (RF module) required for that? Which protocol (encoding) it is? What type of decoder program required? I'm planning to use PIC 16 series microcontroller. Thanks.
Hi, Look at the pics datasheet Usart Section and it shows the relationship between baud rate and crystal frequency and the settings you must select. If you are using the lo cost ASK type of RF boards that do not use any encoding then you will have to use the Manchester coding method otherwise your data will be drowned out by all the other noise
If the boat design will require an onboard microcontroller, then using 802.15.4, ZigBee, MiWi or similar transceivers might be the most straight forward method. As not-a-moderator mentioned you can use a simple ASK type TX/RX with proper encoding/decoding, however the depth sensor, servo and DC motor control would require additional sensors and mi
Hi, This is Padma, my boss is from Singapore, who is looking for a *freelance electronic circuit board designer *with the following qualities: Has Worked on the electronic circuit board designs of any consumer type camera or mobile type of devices with camera functions Has knowledge in firmware encoding that is able to set colour (...)
Dear all. I have a question regarding the different modulation type and their relationship with the convolutional channel encoding.. why does the lower order modulation formats (BPSK ...) have their BER graph more towards the lower Eb/No (dB) compared to higher order modulation formats e.g. (64 QAM..)? thanks
Always use these type of modems with HT12E(Encoder) and HT12D(decoder). These chips will look after (manchester)encoding and decoding. For more details and circuit look at the datasheet of those ic.
The term SCRAMBLER originated in the electronics world as box capable of encoding radio tty transmition codes like AMTOR .Also encoding tv signals in such a way that only if you have the descrambler you could warch it it was a very crude type of encryption system was analog .You added some componnent to the signal or get the lines out of order
Hi There are some Dsp micro controller like the DSP56F8xx, PIC24xx, TMS320F24xx or 28xx who are capable of encoding & decoding FSK signal digitaly Whether you have some programming capability you can use this type of DSC for modem function. Also MSP430Fxxx & MAXQ3xxx (ordinary micro) have modem application note for V21 and V23 mode
I cant see where you re encoding the states. You need assign values for the state register, otherwise you need to tell the synthesis tool which type of encoding you want , whether grey code or on hot etc. If you are using ISE in synthesis report you can check the encoding method which the tool has used.
Hey, in trying to implement a generic procedure which has the ability to modify the current state. it looks like procedure(FSM_NEXT_STATE, NEW_STATE) the problem is the encoding and the type. Im trying an approach to convert the state into an integer , change that value and convert back to the state type. It this a useful way? (...)
that is only possible after designing the machine. and from FSM encoding type, one-hot gray and so on
Is there any DATA encoding in IS-95A or IS-95B systems? if yes , could u help me with there technigues' names,please? thanx in advance
Can anybody convert this file to GIF format that in blue This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_002E_01C4EFF3.03CD63E0 Content-type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-encoding: 7bit > alarm, no composite video output, no date, no seconds, just a simple > semi-accurate clock I've a new