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After the placement stage of doing PnR, I checked the geometry violations in the design. More than 1000 short violations were reported. How can I fix these geometry violations? Should I begin from the floorplan stage again or should I complete the entire PnR flow and try to fix the violations after that? There were no connectivity violations nor po
Hi all, I am attempting to import a gds file from encounter to virtusoo. There is only one problem that some of ports are not recognized in virtuso when doing LVS. When I digged into the layout and I discovered that the routing layer to encounter to the pin layer for some pins are too short. recognized ports: 116657
Hi all, I am seeing more errors and they say short and overlap.. in encounter How to get out of this.. Do this have any connection with Floorplan and area? pls Help Thanks
Follow the basic tutorial of SOC encounter if u dnt have say ur mail id i will mail is
Hi, when I add iofillers ,using the geometry check in soc encounter, there are some short errors in 1.8v VDD pad and VSS pad. and the error show that there are short between this pads and adjacent filler cells, I checked in the Virtuoso and find nothing unnormal, So why ? (...)
Hello Hina, For the transmitter, try "simple" "fm transmitter" in a search engine and you will encounter many simple single-transistor or two-transistor LC oscillator based transmitters. The receiver is the difficult part. If you accept an integrated circuit it can be done with relative few components. If you want to go very simple, without an
Hi, can anybody please tell me which place and route tool is easier to learn in short time period..(magma blastfusion or soc encounter)
Is that still true when we encounter very short channel device and both NMOS and PMOS transistor have movility saturation that means their mobilities are almost same under high electronic field.
Hi How you remove the shorts in LVS ? for fullchip which is design by soc encounter. Thanks Sivakumar
I have many short violation using soc encounter. how can I avoid it in flooplan and power plan steps?
hi all, I had a question about the OCP (Over Current Protection) in DC-DC converter. Whether or not the OCP should be enabled during soft-start period of a buck converter? consider the following cases in a buck converter 1. Output short circuit, and u still want to soft-start the output, u will encounter large current in this period, (...)
Hello, I encounter a problem that a set of memory bus signals are very long on the board, and my friend suggest me to use the type a routing, he said the long parallel wire will cause crosstalk. But I think type a is longer than type b , and will cause voltage drop. Which type of routing do you prefer? and when you (...)
first of all, check the datasheet of your device. The PLCC44 packages sometimes has some extra power pins, or not connected pins. You can easy build an adapter with a plcc44 and dip socket, connecting together the corresponding pins with short wires. This will work reasonable up to 10-16 MHz clock speed. Youl could encounter problems at (...)