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Hi, It looks like what you are saying is right. The power pins on the SRAM may be quite close which is causing this problem. 1) One way to resolve this issue may be , creation of power ring around the memory, and extend the power pins outside to connect to this ring. You will have to put two rings, one for VDD and another for VSS. 2) Once I work
Dear Alosevskoy, You can behave Smod as a block. I'm assuming that you're doing your manual work in SOC encounter. 01 - During manual work of Smod, you need to create pins and place them at block boundary. 02 - Then you need to instantiate Smod inside Tmod netlist and import this netlist into PR tool, so that PR tool (...)
Hi, All, When I use encounter to do sroute, I got the following warning. There is no block in my design. Thus I can ignore the warning about block pins. How about the pad ring? How can I solve the problem? Thanks **WARN: (SOCSR-1254): Net VDD does not have block pins to be routed. (...)
I dont think you can do the floorplan in virtuoso & import it in encounter. Why dont you do the pin placement manually & then write out the IO definition file. I know manual pin placement will be tough if your design has more pins. Others can share their views..
Hi, I am new to encounter, can anyone tell me what is the difference between Halo,blockage,fence? Also what are soft guides? Thanks, Nik
Hi You can edit that nets manulay by edit Rout tool in SoC encounter.
yes,these files are enough for u to do a P and R,in maybe say encounter. regards amarnath
1. After partitioning I get the design which consists of several parts, but they lack power/ground pins. How to create the pins so that I can connect supply wires inside the blocks to them and connect the wires at the top level to the pins of the block as well? Creating pin guides wouldn't help since the (...)