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basically there are two models,1, AOT(analog on top),make digital as a block,after gds export gds from Encouter and strem gds in the virtuoso,and then connect lines manually.2 DOP(digital on top) abstract the analog blocks'lef ,send them to encounter,and then pr,then merge the gds.
Hi, I am using SOC encounter for APR for the 1st time. It seems a lef file is required for Floorplanning, but I cannot find any lef in the std cell library. So can you please give me any hint ?Is lef mandatory ?
lef files is an abstract layout information containing pin and blockage definitions for place and route tools such an encounter Digital Implementation System. lef files does not contains full layout of a block. You need to import gds files with pads layout into your IC6 library. You can also import lef in (...)
Hi, It depends on foundry which gives pdk... Since the gds file which is created after encounter needs to import to Virtuoso layout Editor and some substancial steps to be performed in order to design it for Tapeout.. So, it creates error for you ... because every customer has their own library.. Thanks...
The cell's schematics and layout will be created in a tool such as Cadence Virtuoso. This gives you gds, spice and lef views. To create the .libs, you run a library characterisation tool, such as encounter Library Characterizer. This will simulate the cells in spice and then build .libs from the results.
encounter Digital Implementation, it is the new name of SOC encounter.
~hi, every one, I have the following problem when I am exporting the gds stream in Soc encounter 9.1 Since the PDK I am using now does not contain the gds file for SRAM macros, only lef file available, I used -outputMacros option when streaming out my design to make the design contain the SRAM macro design information. (...)
you need Cadence IC445 tool, SOC encounter, synopsys tool, virtuoso GUI or gds of Analog block. Once you get .lib file,library compiler can be used to get .db file. Now the Design compiler/primetime can be used to read .db and get verilog file by back annotation. ---------- Post added at 10:27 ---------- Previous post was
Hi all, I am a bit new to SOC encounter. In my design, there are several blackboxes which their .lef, .LIB, .gds and .DEF files are available. How and at which stage should I insert their .DEF (or whatever else) files to finalize the design? Thanks in advance, Nasim
Hi All, I am designing PnR for a digital chip using encounter. Currently we do not have gds files but lef files for std cells from vendor. I am wondering how I can do LVS check in encounter. Or do I need to use other tools like Assura to do LVS? Since I do not have schematic, whehter I need to convert the netlist into (...)
you can directloy read-in gds in encounter. or convert to lef file and then readin
Hi, who has encounter lef to gds2 mapping file(using artisna library) thanks best regards
eaasy way: save OA design and use icfb with OA support if you want uses gds, map file is very important, try let encounter create at 1st time, then modify by your hand, you must know which layer of encounter will translate into the layer of gds. you can to read the tech section of the (...)
I think this way may also work? You specify whatever JKFF and the other one from the libraries you have on hand. Then resynthesis your RTL (if you don't have RTL, use synthesis tool to manipulate the cell reference to the ones you have). After synthesis, just forward the normal encounter procedure.
So far I have prepared the following files for SoC encounter: a lef file, a netlist file, and a SDC file. According to the manual (search "SoC encounter Tutorial" on this forum), I am ready to go with Virtual floor plan. However, I am not sure the detail since the tutorial just outlines the steps. Can someone give me some more detail (...)