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I am new in using cadence encounter i have a warnning which is begin power routing ... **WARN: (ENCSR-1254): Cannot find any block pin of net VDD. Check net list, or change option to include pin in given range. **WARN: (ENCSR-1255): Cannot find any pad pin of net VDD to create pad ring. Check net list, or remove "CLASS (...)
Hi there, I have a design on Soc encounter. As you can see on the following attached files i have problem with pad vdd/vss power wiring on special route. i do the special route (i have 5 power signals for pads and 2 for core area). The 5th power siganl is only connected on the top of the design as you can see and on no (...)
Hi all, When I trying to do Special route for pad pins after the power ring has done, the terminal shows following err msg: Reading LEF technology information... *ERROR* "data_files/macro/dp_rf_256x8/dp_rf_256x8.vclef", line 374: cannot add PIN QA to MACRO dp_rf_256x8 at or near "QA" *ERROR* "data_files/macro/dp_rf_256x8/dp_rf_2
Hi, All, When I use encounter to do sroute, I got the following warning. There is no block in my design. Thus I can ignore the warning about block pins. How about the pad ring? How can I solve the problem? Thanks **WARN: (SOCSR-1254): Net VDD does not have block pins to be routed. Please check net list. **WARN: (SOCSR-1255): Net (...)
sroute writes to the log many lines of the following, and then it fails to connect the power pads in the pad ring to the core... Failed to place a cell at (2847.200 2651.600) for followpin creation Failed to place a cell at (152.480 2653.280) for followpin creation Failed to place a cell at (2847.200 2653.280) for followpin creation (...)
Hi all, I'm using umc90 to do P&R with soc encounter tool. I only finish floorplan at present and plan to make powerplan now. A problem will happen to connect power pad (Route > Special Route …) after create power-ring (Power > Power Planning > Add rings …) . The problem show on terminal: (...)
Hi, Actually, you need paste only signal io instances into netlist. It should be done to get actual timing. Evently, you donot need to paste Supply/Cut/Filler/Decap ios into netlist as SOC does it automaticaly during DEF/io_file reading. So, You have two way to include io pad ring into encounter: 1. reading DEF file (you (...)
SoCE gives no DRC errors, but Calibre gives many. The DRC errors mostly comprise of 1. The density and the Poly area coverage errors. Also, layer M1, M2 .. M5 area coverage must be >X% and = X um wide and <= Y um long must have hole (This error is with the segments connecting IO pad s with the Power ring. I had just asked e
When I perform special route in encounter, the vdd and vss pins of pad are connected to the core ring. However, the pads haven't be cirled with a pad ring. I have tried many ways , but them all cann't work. Help me and thanks!
Hi, I make power analyze in encounter,but the in the power/rail report all data is zero,I dont know why. thanks a lot
Dear all, When i try to connect the power pad pin to the core power ring in SOC encounter, i found that there is no connection generated. The pin assignment of the power pad is as follow (grap from IO LEF file): pin A (for connecting to core power ring) pin vdd3o!, vdd3r1!, vdd3r2! (for connecting (...)