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Hi friends, I am using encounter 13.26 . After synthesis, I import the netlist/lef/lib/io/etc to encounter. But in the floorplan view, I can not see any module. Since I am trying to use Top-bottom hierarchical flow, and there are several modules in the design. I want to make one of them as a partition. The question is how can I view (...)
Hi all, anyone describe about how to start a chip implementation in a hierarchical top down flow? like *how to partition the design, *how to do time Budgeting, * how to do parallel top level sta, and block level sta, * how to implement full chip with effective way with considering all the scenarios, issues? finally how to start de
Hi all, In encounter Digital Implementation System, what is the difference between Save Design and Save (partition/Floorplan/Place etc. )? Can anybody please explain?
Once the lower level partition is implemented use the createInterfaceLogic command to create the ILM: createInterfaceLogic ?dir partition_A.ilm createInterfaceLogic extracts the information required for the ILM model and outputs it to the directory partition_A.ilm. If you look at the contents of this directory you will
Hi, I am trying to run the partition flow using encounter. if i have an hierrarchy mutiple times, can i use the partition flow? or is it just for one hierarchy? thanks!
After assemble the partitions, I tried to do static timing analysis over the whole design, but it the timing report shows 0 delays in the buffers of clock paths. It seems that the tool didn't consider the wire load while computing timing. In the timing analysis of each individual partition, however, the path delays looked fine. Can anyone tell me w
Hi, I'm a beginner. And I'm really frustrated by Cadence encounter user guide. I'm doing a partitioned design in the bottom-up approach. The sub-blocks have all be placed and routed. Now I need to put them together. The Cadence user guide says: <<<
Hai All, In toplevel design , we use lefs of partition blocks . After performing the assemble design , and saving it, even though the design is flat the partition lef is being reflected. Why? Anyone Can explain This . Thnaks in advance K.VISWANADH BABU
In SOC encounter there are a series of commands to accomplish this, which partition the design along module boundaries. I'm pretty sure other tools do the same. The procedure is in the users guide.
Hi friends Is it possible to perform block level placement optimization (pre-CTS)in encounter ????? Full chip optimization with high effort is leading to hang ..says stack in log file exceeded Shiv
Check out the documentation avilable with cadence for their tool called SoC encounter ...
Hi, I am using soc encounter now, and I want to know how to power plan in hierachary design. My design is soc chip including many modules,So I patition the design first and place&route every block. I want to whether I should do power ring,power stripe,and follow pins for every block, and how to connect them in top level. what is the hierarchy
Hi guys .. After installing any tool like Cadence SOC encounter or Synopsys Design compiler for example, can you move the installation directory from one path to the other ? .. like moving it from one hard disk partition to another ? .. and if that is possible, what are the affected things that should be modified in order to keep running the too
soc encounter and astro which is better?