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Can anyone give me the word document for exact PD Flow in cadence encounter that incudes steps from loading netlist to signoff(GDSII).please help me...m fresher in industry so give me some flow stepwise document in word/pdf...
As per your requirement you would need either a user guide or a command reference. Browse through the installation dir. of encounter and there should be a folder named /doc. Else as per your company policy it might be in a special docs section on an accessable server. To save time ask the tool admin person of your company/team or your team-lead m
Your schematic is wrong (you missed some key components). You may encounter parasitic triac turn-on when switching on the mains. This is the complete schematic from the MOC3021 datasheet: 114434
this one is very easy, you will encounter much harder ones.
hi... I have to place layout instances (ex: buffer with pins in, out, vdd,vss) in encounter..I have no netlist regarding these instance..But I have mentioned in LEF files about that instances..What command I can use to place these instances in encounter... If anyone knws help me plz.....
hi, what is clock cloning? How it can be implemented using SoC encounter? Can any one plz help.
Hi, Can someone explain about the need and usage of Rail Analysis in Digital Design. I am using Cadence encounter for this. Kndly share any pdf/Docs u ahev related to this.# Thank you all in advance.
Hai guys, I am using usiing encounter tcl commands and programs for calculation.. can anyone explain whats the use of db tcl command compared to ecounter tcl??? It would be more helpfull if u guys suggest links or pdf for db tcl..... Thanks in advance:smile:
I have already attached basic tcl command pdf. Check the links I mentioned in the earlier post. You can take help of encounter command reference manual in making encounter scripts. Visit cadence support website, it will be very helpful. What do you mean by all physical design procedures?
Hello, I wonder what commands/methods people use to generate .lib for a design, and use it later for place and route at top level. I am using EDI 9.1, found the timing model commands have very limited documentation in fetxtcmdref.pdf. And I could not get write_model_timing and do_extract_model work well: they have significant discrepancies from
defIn and DefOut is used for load and save Def file in encounter
dear all, i want to study the Cadence's SOC encounter .dose somebody have encounter tutorial or user guide. it is useful to me. please attach it or give a link .thanks! best regards
I guess you would need: Custom IC Design Kits (Virtuoso): IC610, MMSIM72, CADENCEHELP, Lic+Config_Utils Functional Verification Kits (NC-verilog, Simvision): IUS82, (I don't know the alias of Simvision) Digital Implementation Kits (encounter): SOC81 You should be able to find a pdf or a text file explaining what each archive/directory contain
Have you read the user guide for the P&R tool you are using? E.g: Or do you need something more basic?
anybody know about SOC encounter? i am having a problem in I/O assignment? i mean i am not able to add I/O pad to my design and for this i need file so from where i will get this file? plz help
hi can any upload some matirial related to ET (cadnece DFT tool )encounter test.......
Hi, Does anyone has SOC encounter Training Material?.. If so, Please upload here. Kumar
Hi all, If any one have any good link or pdf to describe how to do floorplanning steps in SOCE .. Cadence tool(encounter) I need diff floorplanning options.. (power planning all stuffs) Thanks in advance DIN
When I do back end design with SOC encounter,it reports the error of IO lef file. said: Antenna gate area must be a positive value at or near 0. I found in the lef file,the Antenna gate area of some pin are just set to 0. What does "Antenna gate area" used for?? Can I just delete all 0 Antenna gate areas ,since 0 means nothing????
I am doing a optical receiver, now I encounter a problem to generate a PRBS input to test my circuit. Anyone here knows how to generate the PRBS input in current format? Thank you very much!
hello friends, i am a student pursuing a course in vlsi(backend).i learnt and worked on virtuoso and encounter,but encounter is vast,i have done labs in it and went through the pdfs,i could not read the pdf completely.what i found is that everything tool is doing automatically,i found myself just (...)
Hi, What tool can generate a pdef file for Physical Compiler? By the way, how to compare Physical Compiler P&R results with other tools, e.g., SoC encounter? Thanks
The turorial material for encounter is placed in the gift folder of install encounter. ( I guess It's in share/fe/gift ). The pdf file and all design files reside there.
u can see save > gdsii format from encounter. file> save> gdsii
no one cant send pdf for document for ur design. only u can get encounter userguide from or best of luck
when I run hspicerf with hspice2004.9 , I encounter such a error: No configuration file (.admrc) found. After I setup a blank file named .admrc Still a error occur: -*- internal S-fault -*- The netlist file is pa.sp in hspicerf demo dir.
Does anyone have a pdf copy of First encounter docs?? Mike