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~hi, every one, I have the following problem when I am exporting the GDS stream in Soc encounter 9.1 Since the PDK I am using now does not contain the GDS file for SRAM macros, only LEF file available, I used -outputMacros option when streaming out my design to make the design contain the SRAM macro (...)
just use a streamin map to convert the layer:purpose pair of the label to the correct purpose for LVS recognition May be this is a misunderstanding? If I understand Pareek correctly, the encounter tool didn't streamout a separate M1 pin layer. The pin labels are already on the M1 drawing layer, so canno
hi if i have a map file and i want to stream out GDS file from encounter. what should i do now and tell me the process. Thanks, chandra.
Hi all, I am using calibre to do lvs check. I got a lot of same kind of errors like below ERROR: Cell VIA12_2cut_N$$178120748 is referenced but not defined. Actually, I am using encounter and export the gds from encounter, stream the gds into Virtuoso, and use the gds streamed out from Virtuoso for (...)
hi the file streamed out from encounter is normally a gds files with all teh standard cells as black box.(i am not sure 100% but we do it tat way.), So the generated gds has no stand.cells gds file. So check if the streamed out gds has all teh standard cells included. BR SING
when you stream out your gds from encounter, make sure your layer mapping file exists and corresponds to what you want to stream out. You can check out the log file to see which metal layers are successfully streamed out from encounter. (...)
Hi, I am using First encounter for the back end design. In encounter, we have to import design using Design Import option. In the Design Import, there is a option where we can import GDS Libraries. Why we need to import this file? Is it for DRC purpose for later on? Siva
The database is different. Traditional CDB can only be supported with virtuoso platform for custom design. OA can be supported with back-end tool such as SOC encounter. There is no need to stream out to gds for data exchange between different tool.
For some reason, after i do a global and final route, then stream out the gds with the map file, the resulting GDS only has the instantiations and none of the routing at all.. Any ideas? thanks jelydonut