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hii, i need help, i hav use hfss 11 an problem encounter when i analyze my hfss antenna Port 'WavePort1': No non port face could be found containing a terminal edge assignment. Port refinement, process hf3d error: Number of terminals does not match the number of modes requested. Verify port WavePort1 setup. because
i am using encounter Hierarchical flow with ILM, i am having some trouble with Power Grid. which approach should i take? should i create PG in ILM till one metal lower than top metal and connect top metal PG in top level? if this is a good way to do it, should i create a terminal in ILM level? how can we do it in encounter? Many Thanks!
Hi, I am trying to run my TCL script which has "exec" command calling another shell script in Debian 6. But the SoC encounter 10.1 terminal gives an error (child killed: segmentation fault) whenever it reach the "exec" command in the TCL script. I have run the same TCL script in same version of SoC encounter (10.1) in the Debian 5 (...)
Hi all, When I trying to do Special route for Pad pins after the power ring has done, the terminal shows following err msg: Reading LEF technology information... *ERROR* "data_files/macro/dp_rf_256x8/dp_rf_256x8.vclef", line 374: cannot add PIN QA to MACRO dp_rf_256x8 at or near "QA" *ERROR* "data_files/macro/dp_rf_256x8/dp_rf_2
Hi, I have a question. I try to find VHDL codes,then put in my encounter RTL Compilier design to do synthesis,but the terminal shows me some error messages, as following as: rc:/> Setting attribute of root '/': 'lib_search_path' = /opt/cadence/local/osu_stdcells/lib/tsmc018/signalstorm Freeing libraries in memory (osu018_stdcells.
Hi all, I'm using umc90 to do P&R with soc encounter tool. I only finish floorplan at present and plan to make powerplan now. A problem will happen to connect power pad (Route > Special Route …) after create power-ring (Power > Power Planning > Add Rings …) . The problem show on terminal: ----------------------------------- *ERR
Hi, I have three questions, 1.I try to find VHDL codes,then put in my encounter RTL Compilier to do synthesis,but the terminal shows me some error messages as following: rc:/> Setting attribute of root '/': 'lib_search_path' = /opt/cadence/local/osu_stdcells/lib/tsmc018/signalstorm Freeing libraries in memory
encounter should be run in the front ground. Try invoke it without the ampersand.
Hi! All I installed soc42 and set env point to soc42. When I type encounter&, it popped up the window for soc42 and then it freeze. I tried to click on every items such as but it freeze and did not do anything Any thought? Thanks
Almost nobody will download the file to check and/or simulate. I think you would better to caption your circuit schematic and simulation results that worries you as well. If you encounter problems in screen capturing, you can use this command from terminal: xwd -out screenshot.xwd -root gimp screenshot.xwd Type: >> [color
when type enocunter in command terminal ,it sees if sytanx error,...
hello everybody here; I got a problem after installing First encounter; when I start up it ,in terminal ,by typing "encounter", it will tell me taht "tcl script rdaInit.tcl initialization failed........" and I beg your reply! thank you all!
hi, while adding max. and min. timing libraries should we add all files of slow and fast devices into respectice libraries or one is enough , then hw we decide that ???? its Urgent please anyone using SOC encounter reply soon. thanks in advance, Prasad
no one cant send pdf for document for ur design. only u can get encounter userguide from or best of luck