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Hi all, I am attempting to import a gds file from encounter to virtusoo. There is only one problem that some of ports are not recognized in virtuso when doing LVS. When I digged into the layout and I discovered that the routing layer to encounter to the pin layer for some pins are too short. recognized ports: 116657
what's your meaning? Astro, virtuso, encounter, icc?
But i want to know in terms of CADENCE TOOLS called as SOC encounter or virtuso layour editor....Can u plz find out and tell me ??
SOC encounter only support FE-TCL? I am not sure if it is true, there are lots methods to solve it. for example, you can read your design with virtuso, and then do it in virtuso. or read your gds2 with your skill srcipt, tool is dead
You can use soc encounter to route.
I don't know encounter. But if you can export the layout to GDSII format, it can be imported to Cadence.