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To minimize the gain at low frequencies, better than using a band-pass topology is to use a high-pass topology. Unfortunately high-pass response cannot be done using only microstrip components, because the circuit needs at least a series capacitor. There is possible to get some end-coupled capacitors in microstrip, but with (...)
Guys I need this paper for the design of an end coupled filter. Can any find download this paper for me: "An accurate design technique for microstrip edge-end-coupled filters" from Microwave and optical tech letters Thx in advance.
Hello hakunamatata. Do you want to make a band-pass filter. If so, I propose you to use microstrip technology. Depending on the substrate you should at those frequencies (Ku band = 12-18GHz) it is still possible to make good filter with microstrip. I would propose that you build an end-coupled (...)