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Why will you buy a no-name-brand battery that does not even have a datasheet?? The manufacturer called energizer and others say their CRV3 battery is 3V (not 3.7V) and is NOT rechargeable! It has two 1.5V AA lithium cells side-by-side with terminals at one end. Some Oriental ones are 3.7V rechargeable. A 16850 Lithium rechargeable battery cell is
The smoke detectors in my home use a 9V alkaline battery. I replace the batteries every year even though they were used only for testing the beep for a moment. I am measuring one right now that is an energizer 9V alkaline battery "best before 12-2019" and I installed it on Feb1, 2015. With no load it measures 8.7V so it is like new. But with a 27.5
Watch out for D size old Ni-Cad or new Ni-MH cells. Some have a capacity rating that is very low. An energizer D size Ni-MH cell (they don't make old Ni-Cads anymore) has a capacity of only 2500mAh which is the same capacity as their older AA cell that held a charge for only a couple of months. Their new AA cells are 2300mAh and hold a charge for o
Go to or energizer Technical Info to learn about the details of charging Ni-MH battery cells. They must not be trickle-charged and the charger IC must detect that they are fully charged then shut off. I think the fast charger IC you posted will quickly destroy a Ni-MH battery if used frequently. Daytime has the morning
A rechargeable battery cell is labelled with the mAh rating which is how long it can supply some current, not its maximum current. My Name brand (energizer) AA Ni-MH cells measure 11A when shorted with my multimeter. They are 1.45V when fully charged and about 1V when nearly dead so their average voltage is about 1.2V. Since the current is 11A then
There are many types of AA battery cells. There are also rechargeable ones. You forgot to say which one. A lithium non-rechargeable AA battery cell made by energizer has a current limiter inside to prevent a Lithium fire. The datasheet shows an excellent output of 1A and says 3A is fine and 5A can be in pulses. A new Ni-MH cell can produce 10A when
A Ni-MH cell has a voltage as high as 1.5V only when it is overcharging at a current that is too high for it. Look at or at the applications manual from . A battery charger IC detects the small drop in voltage when a Ni-MH cell becomes fully charged then stops the charging to prevent overcharging. M
Why are you using a tiny weak little battery? The datasheet of the CR2450 Lithium coin cell from energizer rates it with a 0.39mA load. It shows it brand new with an internal resistance of about 16 ohms when its load is 9mA so its 3V drops to 2.86V. They show a 9mA load for 2 seconds 12 times per day. Its internal resistance quickly rises to 120 oh
A 3.7V battery cell is Lithium. Its 2000mAh rating is its capacity, not its maximum output current. It should be able to produce an output of at least 20A The datasheet of an energizer AAA alkaline battery cell shows that it cannot produce an output current more than about 600mA when it is brand new. Maybe you are using old carbon-zinc (Ch
Why don't you read about charging old-fashioned Ni-Cad batteries at the website of a battery manufacturer like ? Click on technical Info at the bottom of the home page and search for Ni-Cad. They have a Ni-Cad Applications Manual among their datasheets. also tells you all about charging a Ni-Cad batte
The battery charger i have is an energizer Recharge Model: CHFC2 It says in the manual that is can charge double AA NiMH up to 2650mAh The battery I am using are brand named Lenmar R2G , Nickel Metal Hydride , 1.2 volts at 2150mAh Will these batterys explode? or get damage? if I leave them in the energizer Recharger more then the estimate
This project is based on a charger from energizer (ENERGY TO GO). The charger was powered by two batteries (the original set batteries were enough for two times of charging). The charger was processed in order to
General application is giving high-voltage pulses from time to time, which is to ?scare? a cow from the fence. HV transformer was obtained from an old energizer as well as the housing. The circuit was soldered on a piece of the un
plz tell me, how to construct a energizer circuit for wild elephants? (I can make the fence)
The system is simple and reliable. The main element is impulses generator. It bases on LM555(NE555) and generates a signal for transistor's T1 base, which then closes the circuit of the coil mass. The result is a sim
I do not think you will be able to use this battery. Even the Industrial type of energizer (Alkaline) here is the usage graph: 61871
Hi all, I am looking to build a very specific electrical fence energizer per client's request. I personally have a very very limited knowledge of electronics. I was hoping that I could gain someone's expertise on here in the circuit diagram and components needed. I will get a local professional EE to build this for me after I have consulted with
I answered these questions a few minutes ago on another website. The tiny AAA battery cell does not have the 125Ah capacity of a huge truck battery. Its datasheet is on energizer's website. It is only 1.2Ah (1200mAh) The capacity is 1200mAh when the current is from 25mA to 400mA and the voltage is allowed to drop to 0.9V per cell (3.6V for yo
please tel me how to design electric fence energizer using microcontroller or using digital ic ?
They also have in more detailed datasheets, e.g.