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So it is not just an antenna, it is energy saving LED power supply circuit. L1 is an antenna to pick up energy from 5.8 GHz radio sources. Efficiency of this antenna will be maximized when it is resonant at operating frequency. Also it's aperture should be maximized. How do you know it is specifically designed for 5.8GHz? What these boards (...)
LED is also called light emitting diodes. With the advantages of environmental friendly, efficient, long life time and energy saving, so it is regarded as the fourth generation light source. But the quality of LED lighting product is different, especially the weakness of thermal dispersion that seriously impact the performance of LED.
Recent DC actuated contactors have built-in energy saving circuits, either using PWM or a dual coil drive. To decide if the method can be applied for your relays, check the data sheet specifications about pull-in and hold current. For standard relays that are designed for 100 percent drive duty cycle, its more a matter of energy (...)
An additional care on this case at which the battery will work near to the limit of its specifications, an option that also could be considered is to oversize the capacity and add a self heating system to ensure a minimal condition to operate properly. Of course, a thermal insulation design would be required to increase the energy saving. A clas
9520595205 Digital Time Switch Silent Features: ? 5A relay contact capacity ? Manual override facility ? Accurate RTC & No battery require. ? Low Cost & Reliable operation. ? Time range : 1 min to 23:59 min ? Real Time based 4 on-off switching cycle ? 16x2 LCD display with softwar
Hi, Can anybody help me to complete the project PIC16F72 based Intelligent energy saving System. I download the project from internet and try to implement it. But, I did not have the complete source code. I have problem with the following: #include <16f72.h> #fuses hs, nowdt, protect #use i2c(master, sda=PIN_c4, scl=PIN_c3) #include
Not commenting some sarcastic or polemic undertones, I can agree about the point, that "energy harvesting" doesn't compete to solve global energy problems. This is a matter of how the major energy consumption parts can be reduced by serious energy saving and how energy production can be (...)
Dear Fellows: I m working for my research project on Dynamic Model of energy saving. Can any one have an idea how can i started working on STELLA as i m taking help from the Dynamic Modelling Book of Andrew Ford but not getting system for energy saving. Thanks
Presented system can be used for remote switching on and off each of the individual energy-saving bulbs of the chandelier. It is based on easily available wireless sockets. Their main advantages are: the fact that th
This project can be a part of architecture of lights in the house. Nowadays the energy saving target is really important, so the light was based on LEDs in various forms. They are LED ?bulbs? in the housings for typi
Dear All, I am a Chinese Merchant, working on international lighting business,such as metal halide, halogen, sodium fittings, energy saving lamps.etc. I am planning to go to Jeddah to explore new customers during this chinese new year.8-) I want to ask: Where is Jeddah's markets for lightings business? Which area does lighting
So if everyone want to know more about induction lamp, pls feel free to contact us at OPPEO | OPPEO Lighting | energy saving or email Can you share with us the circuit of any induction lamp ballast? It will be very helpfull Thanks Grittin
Scientists at Yale University have developed a device capable of absorbing all the energy of an incoming laser, effectively saving your ass from an otherwise deadly robot laser blast. *ordering pew-proof pajamas* Give me a break, they're all I wear! Kidding, kidding -- just glasses and a scowl. Their device focuses two lasers beams of a specific f
hello, i am MSc student currently working on my project named "Evaluation of energy saving MAC protocol for wireless sensor network". i need to simulate SMAC, TMAC and GMAC. could you please tell me which version of opnet is best to simulates these MAC. from where or how can i download that software for free (not academic edition ITGURU). please
Has anybody experienced with energy saving Devices/ Power FActor Correctors how are their results? Does it reduce really reduce utility bill if ,yes, then approximately how much??? there is a lot of advertisement about electricity saving box to improve power facor and reduce utility bills, i want to kow about this any body having (...)
we want to make a project of energy saving digital meter. so we need analog to digital converter code . using PIC16F877A. and software is buscom avr/win avr.we want to need this code for this project.
hello, everyoone. I am aguntuk. I want a company name. The business of the company will be efficient power/energy & power/energy saving. Anyone have any idea about a good & smart name???
hello, everyoone. I am aguntuk. I want a company name. The business of the company will be efficient power/energy & power/energy saving. Anyone have any idea about a good & smart name???
Hi All, Anybody has experience on energy saving for three-phase induction motor. We are ready to PWM inverter(IGBT) to control a three phase induction motor. How can I build a Mathematical model to do this? Thanks in advance.
Hi I have finally got up and running and would really appreciate any help. Anybody with PLC comms, SMPS, Micro or DSP knowledge would be really welcome. The idea is a new lighting control system released open source. Many