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By deafult Altium creates a room for components! But you can choose if you would update the components with this room in engineering change order!
Some verification people perform mixed RTL + Gate-level simulation for various reasons including 1) when full RTL design is not synthesized yet . That is Only some part of RTL is synthesized and the synthesized gate-level portion is simulated with the remaining RTL. 2) validating ECO (engineering change order) where one gate-level block (...)
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ECO - engineering change order.
Hi, Can anyone please elaborate on ECO(engineering change order). How is it related to VLSI.
engineering change order....... basically when you mess-up and do a fix to sort it out :)
Hello, After layout is done, to fix timing violations insertion of buffers and upsizing of cells are done. These small changes in the completely routed data base (layout) is called ECO layout (engineering change order Layout).
you question means nothing... ECO :engineering change order is lteration process. there is no similiarity or difference between this dummy cells.. there are just filler cells.. just to increase density. after final tapeout if any change in netlist or stuck at 0 or 1. then using spare cells.. some process will be (...)
Hi vbhupendra, In your case, I guess it is an acronym for engineering change order. Hope it helps you^_^ regards, jordan76