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hi I from sri Lanka. i completed my masters degree in applied electronics. my bachelor's degrees is about physics, mathematics and statistics. so is it possible to follow phd related to electronic engineering discipline like microelectronics, embedded systems, dsp thank you
What kind of random process do you want to learn? Pure mathematics or more engineering? Papoulis's Probability, Random Variables and Stochastic Processes is a good book for EE professionals.
walters, Excel has built-in functions to calculate most of the parameters that are used in engineering: . Trig . Exponential . Imaginary/Complex numbers . statistics . Searching and sorting In addition it has built-in graphing capability As a result, Excel can be used to perform many common engineering calculation tasks. . (...)
for 'elements of engineering probability and statistics by Rodger E. Ziemer' please.. i need a solution Manual... ....
Hello I am a mechanical engineering student . For final university project,I looking for the car selling statistics in year 2003 and 2004. Please send me statistics and ,if possible,introduce me a website for this purpose. Thanks