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A (really) advanced online engineering calculator created by an electrical engineer for fellow engineers and scientists: It is general-purpose tool (i.e. no hardcoded formulas) somewhat in between standard engineering calculators and really heavy math software, such as MathCAD. Pe
Hi All, Plz let me know where to search(university websites) for Ph.D admissions with stipends in electrical engineering in either UK or Canada. Regards
I have taken phase noise data from Cadence and plotted it in Matlab, but when I add datacursors the values are written in scientific notation, i.e. 300kHz is written as 3.000e005 Hz. I've modified the code for datatip display a little bit myself just to show the units, but other than that I don't know what to do. this is my code: pos = get
how can i have matlab automatically convert all calculated results such that they are displayed in engineering units, i.e. with exponents of multiples of 3. 56e3 instead of 5.6e4 ? Mr.Cool
Hi, I'm looking for the best Calculator for Windows. I want it to support electronic engineer functions and support units of Mega, Killo ... Does anyone know one? Thanks
This Attachment contains a very good " General engineering Converter " for general purpose use & coverts the units you desired to
Someone Know LCD with engineering units ?, without controller I need it for baettery powered, I'm tring to desing a flow rate, I found a few manufacters of custom LCD but I could't get a clue about LCD manufacturer dedicate to LCD for insturmentacion. Best Regards

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