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Hi. All. I'm sorry. I don't write english very well... I designed Circuit and to make TEST Module for verification using Verilog HDL. TEST Module's input type is *.vcd or *.vec file. *.vcd type $scope module TOP $end $var wire 1 ! ADJ_BUF $end $var wire 3 " CLK_SK $end ( maybe wire name and Bus .. ) ... $enddefinitions $e
Hi. All. I'm sorry. I don't write english very well... I designed Circuit and to make TEST Module for verification using Verilog HDL. TEST Module's input type is *.vcd or *.vec file. *.vcd type | *.vec type $scope module TOP $end
My other projects here. not english. But the files (png asc) are universal. I would be happy if you Comments. everybody.
Hello everybody, i am using to SIwave simulation but i have problems.I can import (*.brd ) file to Ansoft Neutral file V2 (*.ANF) but how to import *.cmp (component file). Sorry for my poor english. Thanks...
hi everyone, this is my first post, sorry for my bad english. i want to transfer a file using FTP in sim300,actually i viewed in simcom datasheet they simply started with FTP's AT commands,is there any need for TCP connection before starting the FTP.plz refer me..
Hi all. I'm sorry. I don't write english good well. I use '.meas command' in hspice. so I get file '*.mt' file. The file is calculation value of voltage. The value is measured to four decimal point, 'x.xxxx' but I want to see more than four decimal point 'x.xxxx~' at least six. 'x.xxxxxx' How to use 'meas comma
You mean the pin assignments aren't in any sdc file on the CD? Altera tools uses sdc and not csv for pin assignments. I suppose there mi
Hi everybody. First, sorry for my english. I'm trying to simulate the 8 channel IR remote control from , and I've a few questions: -When I simulate it in proteus, I'm getting always errors even after checking connections. ( Pin 13 is RA3 ) -I can't find PIC16F630, so I'd like to know if I can u
You have to set the configuration bits yourself with the encrypt button. You maybe interested in my improved english language version.
Im sorry, your english isnt very good - and your post does not make much sense...
You want something like this? - - - Updated - - - I think I can do that project if you post the english version of the document in the attached file. Will you pay for it? I am from INDIA. I need 2 weeks to do that project as I have a lot of work load.
hey guys can any one help me out to converting the asm file to hex please . its having error to converting in keil microvision it is the code about dc speed control using microcontroller 8051 i am using the 89s52 ic i am newbie please help me out sorry for bad english.:-(:-(:-(:-(:-( org 0x00 jnb p1.4,main main: mov r7,#160 call pwm_i
Can you post an english translated version too please ?
Hi, I am a Newbie of HFSS I am a Korean, and I am not good at writing english. I want to know how to setting ports in GSS structure in HFSS I explain this structure more specifically. there are three pins like this ||| the first pin is a ground. the others are signal pins. In simple GS structure, it is easy to set port. because the port t
Hi dear friends I have a GLCD240128 (240*128 graphic LCD). I need CodevisionAVR program for draw line, curve and simple english font. My ic driver is ATMEGA128 and header file and library exists. Thanks a lot
please check this link A 802.16d System (Comments on english) - file Exchange - MATLAB Central i think the source so clear, they use SUI channel set of 6 modified Standford University Interim (SUI) channel models are constructed to simulate the
Hi every body can any one tell me that how to convert the orcad 10 schematic in to autocad if it is possible to convert in to dxf file also it is ok .i tried in the oracadfile exportdesign but i dont know what to do next pls tell me and soory for my poor english
Hi all. Excuse me for my english. I'm writing a code for send a number or a char between two arm microcontroller STM32F107. I see the example code but i don't understand when i must define the constant ( in the main.c) and when send and receive it.( in the file for the interrupt). there is an example or there is only can test? thank you vet
Hello, sorry for my english. My name is Hector and I have to prepare that return data of the accelerometers, mounted on a black box integral with a vehicle along a certain path. The output is a txt file with the acceleration in x, y, z and time. I have to characterize the size signal to the suspension of the blak box in the vehicle. How do I do
You must close the file in the correct manner before to terminate the thread! You do this? Sorry for my bad english!

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