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Hi all, I'm measuring the frequency response and calculating the power delay profile. In between the transmitter and receiver, i kept the box with water(level-24cm). I'm measuring in indoor environment and also in Anechoic chamber. I calculated the rms delay spread for both cases. Indoor environment has 22ns rms delay spread and in (...)
To make an such characterization is very complex if the result should repeatable. A normal body varies a lot in size, shape due to movement, woman child or man, what types of clothes and environment. I know one company where one of the employee is their standard for anechoic chamber measurements were a full body is required. He is very talent in si
Hello, I am required to carry out an environment test in a temperature test chamber from -10 to 80 deg celcius. When in cooling mode the compressor makes the whole chamber to vibrate. My PCB and sensor setup is sensitive to these small vibrations. I thought about using a sponge for padding but it will get hard and loose its shock absorbing (...)
Hi all, I've to measure the mutual coupling among two antennas in FM broadcast band with a network analyzer. How can I get rid of the signals coming from the repeater and consider only the signals coming from PNA? thaks sky
passive test is as described above, tests of radiation patterns, gain/directivity/efficiency etc... active test can mean many things, but more often than not involves test of the antenna integrated with the intended electronics and running tests within an anechoic chamber that emulates the intended RF environment. The end result is often a meas
outdoors, not reflections Have you actually done antenna measurements outdoor in the 5-10GHz range? I have, and found that a pain because you have lots of reflections from your environment. The option to put the antennas high up on a tower is only a theoretical solution at these frequencies. I switched to the anec
Hi all, I have a few questions on testing of a bandgap reference chip, 1. how do we set the environment temperature? by placing the chip on the hotplate?? 2. what instrument do we use to measure the output voltage? thanks a lot, -Kevin
There are three kinds of probe station :manual, semi auto, and fully auto. Basically the probe station is used to measure the chip in wafer to take the test key parameter in pure environment say in the vacuity and high temp or low temp in its chamber. It will have less particle. To take the WAT data use the semi- or fully auto probe station, beca