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I recommend you using these solution below: - In case you know your data lenght. You can count the number of bytes that you received. When this number equal your data lenght. You can stop receive data anymore. - In case you dont know data lenght. You can using timeout to confirm no more data comming. Example code below: (...)
Seems your answer is a 25 ohm transmission line ? Yes, two equal lenght RG58 in parallel. The antennas paralleled, aiming 180 degrees from each other, at a fairly straight river shore to serve communications upriver and down river.
Dear friends: I am working with Proteus 7.7 and making a simulation with 74HC04 as show in the figure The frequencia that appear first is 1MHZ.During this pulse train I integrate the signal and shape a pulse with a lenght equal the time of the train.But , in the discharge of the capacitor de problem occur. How we can see, the format of the
Because convolution involves inversion and shifting of one of the signals, then multiplying it with another one. This means that the final values for time is equal to summing of the two times of the input signals. BR, Amr.
The fastest way to achieve equal net lengths Is to use an Autorouter such as specctra to do the routing. You will have to define rules setting up min and max trace lengths. I do this regularly when routing DDR Ram... In PCB Tool: 1. Create a class (for this exersize lets name the class "length_match") for all signals that require length match
Hi, I use this feature only one time; you must generate a rules in the high speed section that include the trace that you want to equalize (the rules was put in: high speed -> Matched net lenghts section) Next you use: tools -> equalize net lenght in the menu. I hope this help you. Bye Daniele