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if space is char then why assign "XX" ?! what datatype is A? It will rarely 'equal' 1 or 0
don't get confused by the word "orthogonal". Here's what happens in simpler (?) words ... and based on understanding of the Sinc function. if you space the subcarriers from one another by any amount equal to the reciprocal of the symbol period of the data signals, the resulting sinc (sin x/x) frequency response curve of the signals is such that
Dear all I am working on Tunnel FETs. When I simulated a symmetric Double Gate TFET, I saw that the electric field and band to band tunneling rate isn't equal in the both channel surfaces. I have written same names for both gates according below: go atlas title Tunnel fet, dual gate, graded HJ (SiG) # mesh space.mult=1 width=1 # x.mesh loc
Firstly, both these factors are equal. The 8.84 factor is when we take measurements in meters whereas the 0.225 factor is when we take measurements in inches. As for the 8.84 factor itself, it is the permittivity of free space. In conclusion, you've got only one formula: Er = C * Distance / ( Eo * Area ) Where C is
Hi The wave still propagates,this is what we see in the waveguide.we need an antenna as a transducer or as a bridge to make the resistance of the source equal to the free space radiation resistance,like a transformer Regards Chachito
So effectively you have to show gradient of gamma(r) is zero. The first two terms cancel as del square E is equal to -(w^2)ueE.
Simplest antenna is a monopole, were ground is mirroring the antenna. Ground plane dimensions is equal important as the antenna space from antenna functional view. Now we can guess what ground plane size your PCB have, and antenna space relative to ground dimensions. Environment? TX/RX? If you is the designer, why not start with designing (...)
Hello All, I am working on a project and need to on/off 32 current source from outside a chip. The easiest way would be to include 32 pads meanings 32 pins, which requires more space and increase cost. So does any one knows a better way using Shift Registers, important is all the current sources have equal currents with +- 0.1% deviation. T
the memory you define to store the data is too small. confirm the space of memory is equal or bigger to the data in ME.txt
Many thanks to ur reply... That means space multiplexing and spatial multiplexing are equal or different? Why spatial multiplexing is only occured in BLAST(Bell layered space time) system.. Can you please give some information about BLAST and SISO systems.... Thanks in advance
Grab a handful of equal-size round coins. Try arranging them into a nice compact pattern. How many coins did you use? ;)
1. My instincts say to space the levels to include equal areas of the Gaussian curve. 2. It would probably be easier to convert to absolute level, add, and then convert back to your nonlinear levels. 3. you could probably make a lookup table to convert to the new steps of the data. This would be a nonlinear function. This would be faster
i think u can use λ/4 transformer which the has characcteristic impedance equal √(z1*z1) wish this help khouly