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Hi, I am working on a project related to smps but now i am confused regarding the design of the half bridge converter which i am using after the pfc circuit(which is a dc dc converter called zeta).I have referred many designs and found that while designing the primary turns nominal voltage is considered in the design equation. Since i am using a p
Hi all, I have designed an amplifier and come up with an equation vo=a1+a2vi+a3vi^2 to characterize the performance based on gain, IP3 and IP2. But when I try to simulate the equation, only gain looks right. Compression point looks far off.. Any idea what might be the problem? Thanks a lot!
I have an equation that describes the linearity of my amplifier. and I want to make a plot based on the equation. How could I do that in ADS? this the equation I have vo=a1+a2vi+a3vi^2, and I want to plot vo vs is very easy. Use SDD(Symbolically Define Device) or Verilog-A. edadocs.softwa
Can anyone help me in designing a source degeneration OTA (MOS) in subthreshold region? I know the equation of subthreshold current but from where to get Io value and n value?
now I want to derive the Y2(s), Is it possible to rewrite Y2(s) (for new circuit) based on Y1(s) (old circuit) ? or for deriving the equation of Y2(s) I should replace the transistors models and start from first again?? Best Regards Perado Yes - I am afraid, you have to start from the beginning (same p
equation 25, Page 14 of App Note AN-57 gives the small signal transfer function for the error amplifier and modulator of a topswitch-jx based flyback. (this means the error amplifier circuit of fig23 of page 14 of AN-57)?.. AN-57 We wish to modify it by having a BJT to ampl
Please help in converting the given expression for a "type 2" compensator to a "type 3" compensator in a flyback SMPS. This concerns the application note AN57 by Power Integrations. (linked below) Referring to AN57? equation 25, page 14 shows the expression for the small signal transfer function of the controller in a topswitch based flyback
Hi! How to determine the operating frequency range of DLL? based from the equation below, Max [(2/3)*DVCDL(max),DVCDL < TREF_CLK < Min [2*DVCDL(min),DVCDL am I correct that its operating frequency depends on the minimum and maximum delay of the VCDL? How to determine the maximum an
Q1 Find the value of X for the equation:- a) (X567)₈ + (Y22)₁₆ = (Y2YX)₈ Q2:- Find X for the following equation: (22)₄ + (101)₃ - (20)₅ = (X)₄ + (4)ₓ₋₁
tox is width of oxide ,leff=effective length of mosfet? whats equation(relation) between Leff and tox in mosfet structure? in variety technology like .5 um ,.25 um,.11 um . please help me?:oops:
Hi, based on the rate of reduction in pressure in gas cylinder,you can calculate rate at which gas is getting burned/used.(Use Gas theory equation,P = nRT for ideal gas,do not remember real gases formulae). using small burner/large burner it will depend on rate at which you are burning fuel.Again calculate based on pressure reduction.
Hello everyone can we draw a quarter circle using equation based surface option in HFSS? if yes then how ?? Kindly help mee :cry: , will be thankful:smile:
I did this a while ago, but I used a number of closed equation based curves. The formula is given by (see Wikipedia: Logarithmic spiral): x(t) = a exp(bt) cos(t) y(t) = a exp(bt) sin(t) Was a bit of a pain to accomplish.
Dear All I managed to draw a taper line using equation based curve in HFSS. how to convert the cure to a surface thanks
Hello, I am using Expedition PCB to lay out a board containing differential traces. I would like to check its estimate of the impedance, based on layer stackup and trace width, but cannot find out how. I am pretty sure Expedition's 'Final Solver' calculates this, as the help files mention the equation it uses when discussing the Layer Stackup
I am trying to find the equation that calculates the increased relativistic mass of an object that has been accelerated to near the speed of light. I have found equations that calculate total energy based on rest mass, or ones that calculate based on voltage (only applies to electrons). What I need is a (...)
Hello; to all: I want to design an equation based curve in HFSS so help me. I want to use sine function. What should be the parameters to draw that curve.:wink::roll::roll:
Hi; Can any one guaid me that how to draw meander line in HFSS usine equation based curve.:roll: Means, Square wave like meander line or simply sine wave like????????? As the image is shown below: but with out uniting the rectangles. Plz tell me as soon as possible :thinker:102784
Hi! I ve tried to write an equation with one parameter. This doesnt make problems. The trouble appears when i try to use an equation based surface, because the result that hfss returns is: Body could not be created for part because of invalid parameters to CreateequationSurface operation. And i dont find the (...)
Hello I need your help on the derivation of full vectorial magnetic field based Maxwell's equation for second harmonic generation in optical fibers. Regards Rasha