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Hello together, i want to know how it is possible to modelling the phase of an switched reluctance motor for circuit simulation. I have to develop a cicuit which is able to controll the dc link voltage but i have no idea how to simulate the coils of the srm. How can i put an equivalent model of the coils in my simulation. (...)
Dear all, I need some help. I am designing a transformer matching circuit on virtuoso. As per my understanding, we can estimate the value of self inductances, L1 and L2 (first photo) using the transformer electrical model equivalent circuit (second photo). 137395 137396 How can I create th
Dear sir i am tying to model below circuit(tank) into its distributed(DC) equivalent circuit..... Thanks Look at this Application Note of Volker Muhlhaus because you do something wrong.
Is there any equivalent circuit or S-parameters of SMA Connector around 1GHz ?
An equivalent-circuit model for the patch antenna can be found in Balanis' "Antenna Theory: Analysis and Design" textbook, and probably elsewhere on the internet. Basically, you want to create a lossy, half-wavelength resonator, the characteristic impedance of which differs significantly from your system impedance.
Can i use 50 ohm pull down termination as receiver and simulate the transmission line. Yes, if the receiver or your external circuit involves a 50 ohms termination. For a high impedance receiver, you can try to estimate an equivalent circuit from datasheet values. IBIS data also describes nonlinear input behavior like clamping diode
Varactors can be trouble in term of model.Using equivalent circuit instead of its model may help.
I've been trying to reconcile two circuit models of cavity resonators. Background: Its commonly known in order to measure a cavity resonator, one has to "load" the resonator with however you wish to excite it (probe, loop, etc.). Parameters such as the length of your probe or size of your loop will affect the measured Q and f0. But thes
I believe that the equivalent circuit is somehow counter-intuitive. It implements a trick and rearranges the circuit to cut the stages at currentless points. The current generated by both Cgd instances is split into two terms each, utilizing Vgd = Vgs - Vds. As far as I see, there's nothing left, the equivalent (...)
Hi, The S-parameters for a DGS band-stop filter by EM simulation in shown in the figure below. 122475 The band-stop model can be easily extracted by parallel RLCs. The figure attached below shows the equivalent RLC circuit model with its frequency response. 122476122477[/AT
First simulate your design with ideal capacitors and inductors. Then replace them with their equivalent model or measured data and tune the circuit again to get the desired response.
I want to model the following attachment by matlab simulink. but I don't know that what is "TSC4429" IC! it is "gate driver" of "Q transistor". can you give me datasheet or equivalent circuit of "TSC4429" IC? how model it in matlab simulink? 116531
how spice replaces the transistor with its equivalent model in the sparse matrix while performing MNA It should be quite obvious from descriptions of circuit simulator operation what SPICE or any SPICE based simulator does. It performs an initial transient solution to determine the operation point, then calculate the node impedan
Some Spice simulators have problems to start an oscillation when using a crystal model, or the equivalent circuit of a crystal. Replace the entire equivalent crystal circuit with a simple shunt LC circuit (1uH and 33pF, and keep C9 in place) and you will get the 27MHz oscillation, just to (...)
I downloaded and installed the Student Version Electronics Lab "PSPICE" software. I have the following doubts regarding on the "PSPICE" software (1) From " PSPICE" software, can we import our normal electronic circuit and convert it into equivalent circuit for small signal analysis. (2) If we import our small signal (...)
hi. can u help me in extracting equivalent circuit From HFSS
It's not generally possible to translate s-parameters to an equivalent circuit. ADS has "linear data file components", e.g. S2P to represent s-parameter data. Review CCSIM manual.
Hi, I have attached BSIM equivalent model of MOS. I want to know the (transresistance) transfer function from drain channel noise source to the internal vgs of the MOSFET (Not between external G and S but internal vgs excluding Rg and Rs drop) in a particular circuit. I know how to use pss+pnoise+noise separation but I can only choose (...)
This is probably a really dumb question, but I've scoured every tutorial I could find and just couldn't find the answer to this. I am trying to export an RLGC lumped model of some stuff I made in HFSS, and then dump this file into the mtline instance in Cadence Virtuoso. The simulator I'm using is spectre. It seems like everything I've tried
Hi, I am trying to model my circuit response. The frequency response and its equivalent circuit model is shown in the figures below. 106990 106991 At the S21 dip (transmission zero - stop-band), the susceptance of the equivalent circuit = 0. Hence, Ys cot (...)