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Hi, I wanted to interface sony ericsson k700 phone to PIC using DRC11 (RS232) cable. But I was unable to find DRC11 cable in the market. I have DCU11(USB) cable. I have schematic of DRC11 cable But not DCU11 cable. If you have some detail about DCU11 (...)
The cable interface for your Sony-ericsson K700 is USB. Check this website:
I want to write a C code to send AT command to my Sony ericsson W700i through its USB cable...can sumbody pls tell me how to do this
we are trying to build a project in which we interface an atmel8535 with a sony ericsson T230 by sending AT commands, we has a successful communication while testing the commands with the hyperterminal and phone, also our microcontroller supported serial communication with the pc. however, the Uc and the phone are not being able to (...)
hi does any one have the schematics of the sony ericsson z1010 sim unlock data cable. are these just cables to interface the phone to the serial port (RS232). or do they have any other speciality? Rgds rogger
Hi 1.- ericsson r520 2.- DRS-11 data cable (serial com port) conected on PC 3.- WinXP Hyperterminal software I make a call using: " ATD <phone number>" ====> its working very well When call is on, then I try to send DTMF using: " AT+VTS= " But when a put the "A" character in hyperterminal the call terminates, (...)
Try I got a program from there that should allow me to send SMS from my ericsson. Once I make the correct cable. There are plenty of programs out there to let you do a lot with your phone.