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During post-route timing optimization in Encounter, I get the error message, "Power/Ground pin is floating!". What does this error message mean? Verify -> Geometry reports no violations. I also ran the following command, "globalNetConnect VDD -pin VDD -inst * -type pgpin -all -override" (and same for GND) before special route of the power rings. Th
Hi all, I am loading a design in innovus by following commands and it is working fine source xyz.globals init_design but when i do it in older version of encounter while readding tech lef the below error messages are coming.i need a fix to this problem, Loading lef file pqrs.lef... error (...)
Hi, when i am trying to use generatelef command from encounter to get lef from a file,the tool is crashing and exiting. here is the below error log. generatelef -techFile saed.lef Reading ATF ... Unsupported capacitance unit name: ff ATF db unit = 1000 line 403: parse error at 'l
Hi i am unable to do design optimization in cadence encounter, i am getting an error regarding that the timing library is not included. During design import i add the following files 1) synthesized (.v) file 2) lef file 3) timing constraint file (.sdc) that got from synopsys. I do have the timing lib file (.lib) to include for timing constra
Hello, I want to use QRC for extraction of a digital design. I saved .def file from soc encounter, and plan to extract rc. But I got such an error that it seems I can only use lef or libgen. But I think DEF should be fine for extraction. Is there anything wrong ? 127905 Here is my command file. I lunched the qrc
Hi, I am using Cadence SoC Encounter. While loading the lef files I am getting the following error: ENCSYT - 16013 Load lef file sc12_tech.lef sc12_cmos28lpp_base_rvt.lef failed As, you can see I am first loading the technology lef having the specifications for POLY, (...)
Hi All, I plan to do a fabrication in a digital design technology for the first time( I have only experience in analog before). When I am done with my design in encounter and attempt to import my design in virtuoso to do the claibre DRC check, I get so many errors on the NW and BP spacing. 114919 114922[
You do not have error messages?, only warning? well you need to fix the map file used to map the layers between the lef/GDSand DEF files.
Usually you need to read the tech file first, then the macros. If you want some help, post the exact error message and the command you've used.
Hello, First I exported File-> export-> stream. and .lef file of inverter designed using cms9flp technology Once the file were exported then i invoked abstract generator and i gave library, when i was trying to import gdsii file i am getting the following errors. error ABS-216: There are insufficient metal layers defined in the (...)
Hi all, During my redhawk runs, i'm getting error related to APL, PAD, lef & DEF.. pls go through the attached snap and kindly provide me some information on fixing those errors. Regards, vinay
hi all i was created .lef file with abstract generator but when SOC read this file, i get two error: SOCLF-121: you need to have cut layer after 'METAL1' SOCLF-3 : error found when processing lef file './abstact.lef' anyone could tell me why?
1. Check if you have included the physical views of the buffers/inverters (lef view) 2. check if the functionality definition defined in .libs 3. Check for the log file, (Normally while loading the design, Encounter would specify the list of usable buffers/inverters). If not,it should give out warning/error, and start debugging based on the error.
hai friends when i am trying to load a lef file containing bondpad in encounter the following error arise The bump macro "PBP_" does not have geometry on metal layers so it will be ignored can anybody say what is the error here
I have a problem about the OpenAccess (OA). I have used the tools lef2oa and verilog2oa converting the lef and verilog file into oa library, and then send them into a tool, which is developed by UCLA. However, there is a error: error: Tech database contains features defined in OpenAccess data model version 4 (release (...)
Hi all, When I trying to do Special route for Pad pins after the power ring has done, the terminal shows following err msg: Reading lef technology information... *error* "data_files/macro/dp_rf_256x8/dp_rf_256x8.vclef", line 374: cannot add PIN QA to MACRO dp_rf_256x8 at or near "QA" *error* (...)
Hi I am trying to import an Gate level design in Encounter but while reading the file it shows following error **error: (ENCVL-319): vinst (buf_dummy__859) for pcell (iu3_nwin8_isets4_dsets2_fpu0_v850_cp0_mac0_dsu1_nwp2_pclow2_notag0_index0_lddel1_irfwt0_disas1_tbuf1_pwd2_svt0_rstaddr0_smp3_fabtech29_clk2x0_1) cell (0) has 0 VTerms.
guys, while i m loading lef file i got errors like 1.METALOVERHANG and OVERHANG statement is obsolete in version xx and later 2.DIRECTION statement in VIARULE is obsolete in version xx and later 3.if version is changed how errors r erased 4. the layer VIA1 is not found in the database a layer must be (...)
Hi, I suspect your first lef loaded is not a technology lef as the 2nd error message suggests. It could also be due to conflicting lef versions (unlikely, though). You can do minor modifications to lef as long as you know what you are doing (but do NOT modify co-ordinates w/out consulting with foundry). (...)
Halo, Can anyone tell me where to define the RULE lef-DEFAULT settings for Encounter or Nanoroute? I need to do this for defining the default via settings. I get an error saying that the default via between Metal1 and Metal2 is not defined when I run the Verify Step of Cadence Abstract Generator?