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Hi, all I am new for circuit design. now I have some questions for it: 1. I want to design a four-layer board, and I am confused how can I place the ground line, ground plane or others? 2. No error when I compile the schematic, but it shows error when I add ground net? 3. when I draw the schematic, I just place a power ground on it. Whether I c
hi tamil, first do one think tools-->database check select all and then run or else do update drc now generate artwork if you get same problem start-->cadence-->product-->select pcb editor utilities in that select DB doctor select current board file as input file and select output file as same file and then click check .after that check viewlog (er
hi, sorry for wrong entry. this error happen due to your file is made in 14.X so you need to update that one.start-->cadence product-->pcb editor utilities-->db doctor. select the input file-->your board file (file type choose .brd) output file--->you can give same file path or path may be different and then select (drc (...)
Hi, I've a problem when I try to execute the "update pcb" command, I receive the following error: "Failed to add class member:". How can I resolve this error?? thanks for the help
hello dears i created a circuit in schematic and update it to pcb works fine.but when i delete all of them in pcb and the want to update it shows my this failed validate in can i solved
Hi, I am using Allegro pcb editor 16.3. during the process of board layout, I found some error in one footprint and modified it. How can I update the change to my .brd file? I tried ECO in Capture CIS but it didn't work for footprints update. Thank you!
Iam using orcad 16.0 version.I obtain the following session log error when i tried to create netlist from Orcad Capture to be used by pcb Editor for layout.I can able to get netlist files but it can't update in pcb editor.I getting following netlist files. 1) pstxnet.dat 2) pstxprt.dat 3) pstxchip.dat Iam attaching (...)
how i can fix this error? ** error ** There are no PDB partitions in search scheme 'Variant Manager' Lmc Parser operation complete... i checked for the PDB partition, it have one entries. still it give an error Binu G