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Thermocouple inputs will be pretty fussy about things like metal-metal junctions in series. In shunt, maybe not so bad to add clamps. But you need to know the real esd threat model (which may or may not be solely HBM style) because shunt clamps may fail to protect against threats with lower source impedance. You may need to impose a series input
I am working on sigma delta modulators. I came to know that the MIXMODEST presentation/document provides an excellent description of the factors related to the design of sigma delta modulators. the link given below does not work. Can anyone forward me the docu
I need a processor with accurate adc, ultimately the choice fell on the ADuC845. I'll have to deal with, strengthening the current output (10mA/output). I would also like to Solve esd protection I/O Can you recommend a suitable IC that addresses this for 4 or 8 outputs or inputs? For a moment we thought about any as MC74HC541ADW, Unfortunately
Is it possible to fry an adc Channel? Yes, it's possible. I have fried adc channels with esd. A few years ago I've done is repeatedly on three PICs over a course of several days (12 adc channels total). In the next revision of the board I've added series resistors for esd protection; never fried another (...)
google man for example i found out
The first of all don't use diode in reverse direction as protection element. It always has low current capability. I think, that this statement is too categorical. Majority DAC and adc known firms have pure diode esd protection (except for clamp circuits on a supply/bias/reference pads). It seems to me, that at a choice o
Is any consideration about analog switch design, just like esd and so on.
Hi, It would help if you stated which micro, and which adc. I know that PICs generally have esd protected inputs, and have directly connected them with Microchips adcs and Linear Tech's adcs. If I understand correctly, you are interfacing an external adc? In that case, I would look at your micro's data (...)
Hi Giftbox, can you test the LM358 separate to see if is working properly? It is probably blown by esd or short circuit or the power polarity connected reverse. Your circuit is correct. Another thing to keep in mind is that LM324 and LM358 will never output 5Volts with a 5Volt supply due to their output design that subtracts aprox. 1Volt from t
For calibration and zero you can use digital potentiometers (See Maxim-Ic web site for data sheets on selected units, example here: ). Here are some examples of connecting LCD display and keypad to 8051-family:
Analog I/O - Just a piece of metal with esd device Digital I/O - Have logic gates that can control the output mode of the I/O like tri-state and drivers to drive the pin. Contains esd devices as well.
look at this: good luck