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I am designing esd Vdd/Vss protection for core voltage and during LVS I get error because LVS extract esd25_diode( it's some ideal diode with giant current). I use two layers: esd implant which need to make source and drain diffusions larger and one which block silicide. If (...)
Is it salicide blocking layer? It's blocking the salicide , it can be used in poly-resistor,diffusion-resistor and esd protection device,such as diode , mosfet . Pls correct me if I'm wrong. thanks
Salicide is used to increase the resistance. I am aware of the use of Salicide (or for that matter salicide blockage as pointed by k_90, because Salicide is a negative mask as provided by the foundries) in layouts of esd protection devices. The salicide is not added onto the surface of the esd device to provide high resistance on teh surface for
The need for extra protection really depends on the process. Some of the processes I work with have very fragle NMOS transistors (drain silicide shorts to body) others are more robust. If the output transistor is large enough and is designed with the same rules as the esd device then it could be OK. You really need to discuss this with the (...)