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Hi, a complete circuit schematic could clarify. A CMOS input definitely is very high impedance. either there is a problem with the power supply, or you use wrong pins, or the IC is damged (esd?) How do you calculate the 1k? Klaus
Hi, I wonder how esd protection circuits work in CDM stress. CDM stress has two different polarities. When negative CDM stress that is the substrate is charged negatively, the CDM current come in from the external ground. it is similar with general esd like HBM. I can understand the principle of GGNMOS, scr and Diode in this case. (...)
Please see at Sofics solutions for HV (e.g. WP-2010-Q1-1.pdf). Such unsymmetric esd clamps are oftenly used for HV design. E.g. TI used such protection for some old 0.35um families (see scla013d app.note e.g.). Ideology of such esd protection can be defined as "Common Discharge Line",- when each I/O pin have identical esd clamp (based on (...)
I think stacked PMOS might not be effective. As I know, It is much more difficult to trigger parasite PNP into snap-back than NPN. That's the reason why NMOS is commonly employed as esd protection instead of PMOS. If possible, stacked NMOS will be much better. Of course, the max voltage stress must be checked. Another point is Deep Nwell should be
The first of all don't use diode in reverse direction as protection element. It always has low current capability. I think, that this statement is too categorical. Majority DAC and ADC known firms have pure diode esd protection (except for clamp circuits on a supply/bias/reference pads). It seems to me, that at a choice o
There two kind of esd protection devices: breakdown (TFO,GGNMOS,GCNMOS,scr and others) and non-breakdown (diode, mosfet, bip. circuits and clamps). Breakdown devices is requred the situable/proper models for simulation. Usually fabs doesn't provide such models or such devices for esd protection at all. Non-breakdown devices allow (...)
Diode, ggMOS, scr, which is suitable for RF application?? Thanks ~~~
The term snapback used in esd protection design. During esd stress (HBM, MM, CDM) esd protection device (parasitic bip. tr. if mosfet, scr latch, not pn-junction :-)) begins to work in snapback region with low Ron resistance and pass high esd stress current throught with low voltage overshoot. So such device (...)
what are the breakdown devices and shunt devices used for esd protection ? What is the difference between breakdown devices and shunt devices?