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No sense to use optocouple if you are using same ground. No sense to use zener diode and e.t.c. Emitter goes to digital ground, collector directly to pin with pull-up resistor. Zener protection actual only on left side. Not even zener, tvs! And ceramic capacitor to reduce esd.
For full esd strength, you'll place bidirectional zener or tvs diodes at all in- and output exposed to the outside. Without frontend EDS protection, 0402 parts will obviously break over at much lower voltage level, but even large parts like 1206 aren't safe against damage by esd, although at least the resistors have a considerable larger (...)
If we assume the tvs will be placed close to the connector say < 10mm, what is a reasonable rating in terms of Joules to provide enough protection to prevent esd failures of the protected circuit?There are a variety of safety and electric protection standards, each one specified to be applied at specific environments w
Hello, I have to choose surge and esd protector for my device. It falls in class 4 that is 8KV contact/ 15KV air for surge protection and class 4 for 4KV protection in Surge. Circuit Detail : 1) input signal is 110V DC for monitoring As it is coming through field i have to put esd/Surge protector on that line. Queries : 1) Can i prote
Hi everyone! I have some 24V inputs and I need to protect them against surges. It is not difficult to find an unidirectional 24V tvs to clamp positive spikes, this one for example (using one zener per input): uk.farne
Hello, I've a doubt about positioning tvs to protect a mosfet from esd's and other over-voltages. The application is no critical regard switching time so I place a 120Ω resistor in series with gate to reduce gate current during switching. I think it's a good idea to place a tvs between gate-resistor and GND (upstream the (...)
hello, :-D i'm designing a GSM/GPRS module wich is the sim900. in the datasheet the manufacturer recommanded tvs diodes for esd protection between the module and the sim card holder as it is explained here in page 38 . i didn't find this type of diodes in sh
I see a lot of Schottky diodes designed and advertised specifically for tvs and I don't see PIN diodes advertised for tvs yet I see PIN diodes that are cheaper, have lower capacitance, lower ON resistance and just as low or lower leakage current. The PIN diodes have a higher forward turn-on voltage also, which means I can receive high voltages f
IC's usually have some static protection but usually not enough for all events. Static events are dealt with by using devices such as clamping diodes. Read up on tvs diodes. Their purpose is to conduct static discharges to ground or power rails when they happen. Look up "esd protection" to get you started.
Colleagues, tvs diodes are used for esd protection of signals, such as USB. One of the typical solutions consists of 2 diodes per line and one common Zener diode. Some app notes show additional diode anti-series with the Zener (highlighted with purple in the pictures). Not every application note shows it, though. Unfo
tvs is a high speed fat diode intended for esd clamp on DC and signal lines. MOV's are higher capacitance and low R, so work for power line transients on AC to Neutral.
MOV's are used on AC line to neutral. tvs diodes are used on signal lines or any interface DC lines exposed to esd. read here.
I am researing about the devices for tvs(Transient Voltage Suppression) circuit. As I know, GGNMOS is better than zener diode for esd protection in view of layout area. But almost tvs products are using zener diode for cramping voltage. Why do people use zener diode for tvs application?
Hello, I created a design with ethernet and I want to protect my circuit from external interference through the RJ54 Ethernet connector. What is best... esd diode? tvs Device? Or GTD? Thanks!
Yes it can suppress, but be careful when you are chosing right tvs. There are different tvs parts defined, so to say, for different protection waveforms. For example tvs for protection against lightening uses usec range (e.g. 10/1000us). For esd the preferred range is ns (e.g. 1/30ns). These are rise and fall time of (...)
I am trying to get esd protection for a board that has multiple ICs. I'd like to use tvs diodes, because they're small. Does each VCC pin on each IC need its own tvs diode? For example the main MCU has 7 VCC pins, does that require 7 tvs? thank you
hello guys, For a device i am designing there is a need for a esd protecting circuit. I have no experience with esd protection circuitery. So i was hoping someone could help me with this. I need esd protection on a DC signal that is max 10V and minimum 0V. I was looking on the internet for some ic that can manage that. I saw some terms (...)
may be you can add esd protection component like tvs and varistor to protect your circuit ,also you can add capactive by pass for cost down
the best solution for esd is to connect the tvs for all the signals as you are saying you have only one interface test point route all the signals through tvs with respect to ground, you can see the improvement. if for SMD you can even use SMBJ. try to use the SMBJ of double the voltage where you are using(for ex if you are using for 5v (...)
hi, I want to provide a +28V continuos overvoltage protection on RS232 TXout and RXin pins. The ADM3202 has +/-30V absolute maximum rating on RX pin but on TX out its only +/-15V. I'v put a PSD18C tvs on TX pin for esd/EFT/Surge. A series reistor of 4.7OHM/ 1W resistor is also series with the TX and RX pins. so the tx pin is not protected a